5. The Virginia cop who stashed confiscated weed in his home.

(via Thinkstock)

Richmond, Virginia K-9 officer Joe Avila not only makes cops look bad, he makes stoners look bad. Several pounds of marijuana Avila was supposed to have deposited in an evidence locker somehow wound up at his house. After confiscating the weed from a UPS store as part of an investigation, he radioed the station to say he would bringing it by, but changed his mind along the way and decided to store the pot at his house instead. Maybe he had a spare room he wasn't using and figured he was doing everyone a favor. Or, maybe he's suffering from a medical condition—like, a really severe one—and saw himself as a victim of Virginia's tough stance against medicinal weed. Or, he's just a bad cop who should be fired. So far, he's just been put on paid administrative leave.