Creative, high-end employers are changing up the idea of what a "workplace" means. But, let me guess — you don't work for one of those, and your office still sucks.

You know this office is cool because this guy's hair is messy. (via Thinkstock)

The Guardian ran an article yesterday titled "The Workplace Is Dead, Long Live the Work Space." It's one of those "wow, look at our whizz-bang future!" pieces where dudes, who I am almost certain are wearing thick-rimmed glasses in unattractive colors (eggshell, coral), talk about how they're changing the definition of the workplace at their cutting-edge businesses, and shouldn't we all be excited? Soon, we're all going to have flex time and big murals and breathable coffee and Swaddlez, which are adult-sized swaddling blankets we get wrapped up in with our laptops so we can work from the comfort and safety of a wi-fi-equipped burrito blanket LIKE GOD INTENDED.

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