While every job might not seem hardcore at first, it all comes down to branding: Accountants are freaks in the sheets. Photographers shoot people. The clergy are keepers of the dead.

The Twitter hashtag #BadlyExplainYourJob celebrated the baddassery there is in every job with the magic of wordplay.

1. Rev it up!

2. Picture perfect.


3. The Producers

4. A standup guy.

5. Sounds about right, Professor.

6. A freak in the sheets.


7. Mother knows best.

8. Oh sh*t.

9. Software is hard.

10. Copy righter.


11. The Grateful Med.

12. Now that's super cool.

13. What's up, Doc.

14. Speakerboxxx.


15. Portrait of an Artist.

16. Pedia-tricks.

17. Straight fire.

18. Now that's just all of us.