People are sharing the best workplace pranks they've ever pulled. Be afraid.

People are sharing the best workplace pranks they've ever pulled. Be afraid.

Ah, workplace pranks. Everyone loves 'em! (Not true.) Just those harmless little jokes colleagues play on each other, like Saran wrapping someone's desk or taking their chair apart. Or taking a picture of someone sleeping on the job and Photoshopping it to death.

No matter where you work, whether it's an office, a store, a restaurant or whatever, it's a time-honored tradition to play jokes on coworkers. But there are always newer, better pranks to be played just around the corner, and we scoured Reddit to find the best ones. So read on and get ready to annoy the living crap out of everyone around you.

1. Littleredhoodlum really went the extra mile (sometimes literally) to spruce up the pictures on his coworker's desk.

One of my coworkers has a ton of family pictures all over his desk and walls. I was slowly changing them all to pictures of me. I worked really hard to find similar pictures to replace them. I even traveled to some of the places to replicate them. I just about had them all when another guy we worked with asked him why he had so many pictures of me. He thought this married guy had a crush on me or something.

2. FinalEdit found yet another use for the ever useful Duct tape.

You know how you can fray Duct tape and pull off long little sticky threads of it?

So I pulled off a single long piece of it, and put it down the side of my manager's brand new car. Looks like a deep, horrifying scratch on the paintwork.

The look on his face when we went out for a smoke. He threw his hands onto his head, his knees went weak and he basically crawled over to it, and pulled the thread of sticky duct tape off easily.

Harmless and fun, that one.


3. JedLeland is not afraid of committing. To a prank, anyway.

There's a guy in my office who often comes to work in jeans and a t-shirt and changes into his work clothes in his office. He's taken over half of a closet next to my cubicle with his dress clothes.

A few years ago, on March 31, I came into the office around midnight and swapped his clothes for some Hawaiian shirts, checked pants, basically a whole wardrobe of the loudest clothes I could find at a thrift store.

When I got there the next morning, he was closed up in his office. His secretary told me that he'd been having a pretty rotten week in terms of workload and was in a foul mood. Finally, he emerged wearing his jeans and t-shirt. He sort of grunted a hello at me, opened the closet door, and just stood there for probably 10-15 seconds trying to wrap his brain around what was in front of him. Finally he just started cracking up laughing, and put on one of the more "understated" outfits. He spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who had done it; meanwhile, people from all around the office came to behold my handiwork. I finally fessed up at the end of the day. He swore revenge although he still hasn't made his move.

Best April Fool's prank I'll probably ever play.

Edit: had to do a little digging, but here's a before and after.


4. IrishGuyGolfer just sat back and watched the results of his handiwork.

I made 20 copies of a paperclip and put them in the paper tray of copier. A woman in my office made a copy and got the paperclip in the pictures and thought there was a paperclip in the copy machine somewhere. She was searching and searching and even went and got a flashlight and started looking everywhere in the machine. She was opening up drawers and panels for 20 minutes. It was pretty fun to watch.

5. _Coldpizza pwned the whole office.

Made a bunch of copies of a picture of my boss (ship's Intel Officer who we called the "IO") with his thumbs up and the quote "You just got I-OWNED!" on it. slipped them into random places in each paper tray (there was 5 on this specific copier and about 200 people used this machine daily). People were getting "I-OWNED" for about a week and I didn't fess up for about two months. Classic.


6. Looking for an easy, entry-level prank? Try this one from Ndntom.

Leaving stickie notes on their desk that says "Come see me" but no sign as to who its from.

7. In Jaymakk13's case, the prankster became the prankee.

Was a cook in the military.

We used to send new guys to the store room to ask for dehydrated butter. It was always funny. Until one day a guy comes back with some. No shit dehydrated butter. The store room guy had spent months trying to find and then purchased it. Jus so we would be like “no fuckin way”

8. Kaleon's is less a prank than a motivational technique. Brilliant!

Slowly, incrementally dilute the office coffee with decaf for a few weeks until there is no caffeine left, then suddenly switch to espresso.


9. Benjizee's prank might annoy the target, but hey, CAKE!

Put a cake in the office fridge saying '-person-'s birthday cake do not eat' and watch as people from all over the building say happy birthday to an increasingly confused and irrate coworker.

10. Kingximax's colleague was so smooth his target didn't even know she'd been pranked at first.

One of my colleagues is a very funny guy and often pranks some coworkers by changing wallpapers, etc.

Once he wrote a little note to one of his colleagues:

"Dear Ms. XY, Mr. Bear (actually a last name in germany) called you whenl you were away, can you please call him back? Here is his number: 1234567890"

He gave her the number of the local zoo. She was so confused that she asked for Mr. Bear several times before she realized that it was a prank.


11. Heythisisbrandon was the subject of a prank to die for (ugh, sorry, I was contractually obligated to make that pun).

I was working for a telemarketing company at the time. I was the new guy and they gave me a "lead" to call that was a funeral home.

The name...Myra remains....I called a funeral home and asked for my remains. They got me.

12. AdequateSteve's prank is gemius!

If you know amyome who has to look at the keyboard when they type, switch the N amd M keys. Just pop then off the keyboard and switch then.

Hilarity will emsue.

13. Okay, dtslg might be a little bit of a sadist because glitter is not messing around.

Hollow out a pen (felt tip markers work best) and fill it with glitter. Put a tiny dab of glue on the cap before you go home one night.


14. Richs1984's joke is harmless, unless someone happens to be allergic to paper holes, in which case, uh-oh.

A favorite of mine is collect the 'holes' out of the bottom of hole punches and pour them into someone's umbrella. They won't open it inside, but when they open it outside you treat them to a little snowfall :)

15. DisPolySleepCycle's prank is smart, subtle, and hilarious. And oh-so-specific.

I work in IT. We have an "Information Board" on the wall. It hasn't been updated since 2005. Warnings about phishing and tips for Vista and XP. I've slowly been removing the outdated pages and replacing them with even older information. I want to see how far I can go before someone notices. I hope tips for coding FORTRAN or using an Amiga is useful for someone walking by someday.