Working retail is an often thankless job—working weekends, being on your feet for long hours, and dealing with the worst people humanity has to offer. On the subreddit Tales from Retail, retail workers come together to do something that is usually done the other way around: they complain about their customers, who might be at home complaining about them. The stories range from the infuriating to the absurd to the surprisingly heartwarming. 

1. User Veggiematic remembers when someone tried to return a drone that had flown away.

I work at an electronics retail store.

We have a different section specifically for returning and refunding items. Upon receiving the item, we must always as for the reason of return, and we must open the item, even if factory sealed.

I am V, my manager is M, and the customer is C.

V: Hi

C: Hi, I'd like to return this drone.

Our policy for drones is that they were non-refundable, but this policy was changed, as long as all products are in working condition, it can be accepted for return.

V: Okay, just a second sir.

I open the box. The manual, the remote, the batteries, and the package sealing is there. Everything that is there is supposed to be there except the drone itself isn't there. It's basically the entire package without the drone.

V: What's the reason for returning this item?

C: Oh, the drone flew away and it never came back. Can I get a refund for this?

Manager walks over, I'm still new to doing returns. I recently got out of training as a cashier, which means my manager is very closeby whenever I am doing returns because he has to authorize it and make sure I'm doing it right.

V: Um...

M: What's wrong?

C: Oh hi, so my drone flew away and it never came back. Can I get a refund?

M: Fuck no, what's wrong with you? Get out of my store.

Customer walks. I don't think he's even angry because there were no signs showing it. I died laughing because it was the first time I saw the manager swear to a customer.

Sometimes I love retail :)