Guy wants to know if it's normal for his boss to ask him questions in the bathroom. Well?

Guy wants to know if it's normal for his boss to ask him questions in the bathroom. Well?

One particularly green kid, just out of high school, is having some workplace issues and he wants your help. Yes, your help. Because you've got a great record with this stuff and you always give great advice. He posted his question to Reddit, so hopefully his boss will see it and change his behavior. If not, it's all up to you.

Hey everyone.

I got an okay job right out of high school making 30K a year, and my boss who's also the vice president of this small company has been getting on my nerves lately.

He's really forgetful, and will yell at me for not doing things when in reality he just didn't know that I did them or just didn't understand that I had already completed them.

They hired me because of my ability with 3D printing and design, which i'm very good at yet he still accuses me of breaking everything when things go wrong (which happens very often with 3D printers). Then when I fix something like today, which saved us like $400 in parts we would have had to order, I get nothing in return. I get told to not let it happen again like I caused it.

Guy wants to know if it's normal for his boss to ask him questions in the bathroom. Well?
Imagine that's the top of a bathroom stall instead of a cubicle.

Today however was kind of the end of the line with me. I was in the restroom for 5 minutes in the stall, he came into the restroom (which is normal since its a urinal and stall, and then called my name. I didn't respond because I was in the restroom and that's just not normal to me, and then he yelled it and I said "what?" back. He told me the printer stopped working again and then said it again slightly louder. I didn't respond, and he stood there like he was waiting for a response. After 5 seconds of awkward awkward silence, I said "okay". I was told later by another employee that he was running around the building looking for me when he saw it happening. To clarify, I am the the head of 3D printer operations here, which is why he would tell me. The part costs us less than $20 in material and waiting to tell me when I was done with using the restroom would have cost us nothing because the printer automatically stopped due to the error.

Am I just being sensitive about this or this is a normal thing?

TL;DR: Boss went around the building looking for me and went into the bathroom to get my attention regarding something work related that could have waited. Am I being sensitive about this?

The comments are pretty much split—some think it's perfectly normal since the bathroom doesn't have a lock, while others say it's overstepping to barge into the poop room to ask a mundane work question.

What you really have to consider, though, is all the boss's other behavior. Is he normally a nice guy? Doesn't seem like it. It seems like the only thing standing between this kid making a decent wage as a 3D printing-specialist and him quitting in a fit of rage is his ten minute daily poop.

Who's the boss to get in the way of that? Let the kid poop. Let him go in there and play Angry Birds while he's letting out an angry turd. Give him a work-free poop break and you'll have a much happier, much lighter staff. And while you're revising bathroom policy, 3D print a few more stalls. Only one stall? That's so shitty.