I don't know who's running Buzz Aldrin's social media account, but they are earning every penny:

Haha, typewriters. (via Buzz Aldrin)

If you don't understand what you're looking at, it's a travel voucher from 1969 for a business trip. Buzz Aldrin's most famous business trip, in fact: to the moon! So much better than a convention center near the Atlanta airport or something. Still, even guys who travel to the moon need to get reimbursed for gas. Here's a close-up on one of the funniest details:

"Gov. Spacecraft." (via Buzz Aldrin)

Cool, glad NASA clarified how he got to and from the moon on this expense report. If you have questions about the math on this, feel free to contact Buzz. He (or his genius social media manager) have answers for everything:

Sources: Buzz Aldrin