When is David L. Cohen going to unzip his face and reveal his true alien face, already?

Uhhhhhh. That's not how it works, Comcast. First of all, you tell us that we "concede" to your logic about why you doubling in size is good. Through our silence. How can a commenter be silent? You're saying that 3.7 million comments filed with the FCC regarding the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is "silence"? That, by the way, is the all-time record for comments about anything for the FCC, shattering the record of 1.4 million complaints when Janet Jackson's boob fell out at the Super Bowl. I'm sorry the other 310 million Americans failed to pipe up loudly enough. Secondly, no one writes the FCC to express their wholehearted support between a merger between literally the two most disliked companies in America. You are actually the worst. Unless you paid millions of people (or more likely, computer spambots) to submit positive comments, this simply did not happen. 

Sources: Ars Technica