19 tales of epic coworker meltdowns that made work entertaining, at least.

19 tales of epic coworker meltdowns that made work entertaining, at least.

Most people hate their jobs, but they quietly deal with it and suppress their hostility and resentment. But everybody's got that one coworker who just couldn't take it anymore and exploded with rage while still at work. Redditors shared stories about their most memorably fed-up colleagues, and it might distract you long enough to keep you from quitting your own job in a huff.


1. And then iomega12 uses the phrase "passed out from rage" like that's a normal thing.

Many years ago I worked in a typical office environment. We handled voice/data issues for Fortune 500 companies. No, this wasn't a call center. This one guy got handed a rough issue (I'm unsure what it specifically was), he flips out, spikes his phone on the ground and storms out of the office.

On his way out to the lobby, he had pushed the door open so hard, it had caved in the wall opposite the door where the handle was leaving a gaping hole. Hours later he was discovered by management passed out from rage in the bushes surrounding the parking lot.

He was not suspended, written up, or anything.

2. User maddomesticscientist had a coworker who just wasn't going to put up with that shirt.

Pizza Hut manager asked one of the drivers to put on his uniform shirt. Driver flipped out and tried to set his shirt on fire in the lobby while screaming about oppression. Then he took off for some reason and drove to the airport where he jumped the fence leading to the tarmac. Got roughly arrested by the airport cops. We never saw him again.

Turned out he had drank a bunch of Robitussin.

3. SLOPTART69 worked with a guy who was just feeling a little punchy one day.

This pharmacy is VERY busy. It's cold and flu season and things are in full swing. This particular day he's working the drive through, and a customer comes pulls up wanting to pick up her pain meds. We're pretty backed up that day and they weren't ready yet. When he tells her that, she FREAKS out, yells at him, etc (which is honestly fairly common) He handles it incredibly well, remains cordial and professional, and I'm actually really proud of him.

Just as I am about to recognize him for the exceptional way he handled that transaction, he cocks his fist back, and FUCKING UNLEASHES this hulk punch right into the register. The glass smashes everywhere, his hand is bleeding pretty heavily, and he calmly turns to me and says "Man, I'm so sorry, I don't know why I did that"

All the while his hand is bleeding all over the fucking floor. We bandaged him up and he eventually went to the hospital.

Company put him on leave for a week or so while trying to decide what to do with him. They called him back into the store to tell him he was fired and he starts talking about how he was going to burn the place down with everyone inside it, so on and so forth.

The store had an armed guard for a week after that.


4. User picksandchooses worked with Old Jim, who nailed it.

I was doing carpentry work with another carpenter, "Old Jim." Some local kids were there cracking wise, being smart mouthed and just generally hanging around, annoying the hell out of both of us. Old Jim yelled at them a few times. They kept it up. Old Jim got madder. They thought that was even more fun and started walking right up to Old Jim and smart mouthing him right to his face. Old Jim listened to maybe two of them before he'd heard enough.

He grabbed the last kid, lifted him up against a wall we were building, grabbed his nail gun and nailed through the shoulders of the kids jacket so the kid was literally hung on the wall, dangling from his jacket. Old Jim got 1 inch from his face and just screamed at the kid for a few minutes, just absolutely red-faced screaming at him. The kid's eyes were huge, he suddenly wasn't the little smarty pants he had been a minute earlier, he was scared to death, hanging from a wall with a screaming madman right in his face. Old Jim had a meltdown, he kept it up for a full 2 minutes, just screaming an inch away from the kid's face. The kid was near tears.

Finally Old Jim had said his peace. He got a pry bar, pull out the nails and the kid came down off the wall. That kid's feet hit the ground and he was GONE, running for everything he was worth. It seemed like he just sort of instantly vaporized the instant he hit the ground.

An hour later the cops show up. "Boys, sorry, but you can't nail kids to a wall,…" Old Jim had to pay for the kid's jacket.


5. Technically Gustapo_AT is the one who's snitching by posting this story, but it's the other guy who got stitches. Or maybe not.

Still being in highschool, I work part time at my local Butcher shop mainly as a dishboy.

About a year ago, we had one apprentice who despite being very polite and a seemingly disciplined worker, could not control his temper or 'self loathing rage...'

He was butterflying some Kievs when he sliced all the way down the inside of his left pinky, essentially filleting himself. Instead of reacting like a normal person and quickly seeking medical attention or calling an ambulance, he simply broke down. Screaming and crying, he threw his knives all over the floor, broke the mincer bracket and snapped the sausage-maker support costing the owner around $700 for a replacement. The rage was induced by the fact that his subsequent stitches from the injury would keep him from being able to work, needless to say he was fired.

People with short fuses should not work essentially with knives....


6. According to Verryfastdoggo, grease is the word.

Line Cook at a fairly upscale pizza joint lost his shit while closing the restaurant let's call him Joe. Got into an argument with the head Chef, call him Josh(who was, and still is a total fucking prick). At the end of the night, all I heard was the head chef say, "if you don't like it here, you can quit". And that was the last straw, joe, was a big guys, like 6 ft 5 and josh was maybe 5'5. Joe picked up a 5 gallon bucket of Grease from the fryer, and dumped the whole thing over Josh. I'm talking about full bucket, it was disgusting. He then promptly said, now I quit. It was amazing. As Joe walked out the door, Josh slipped and fell trying to chase after him.


7. Much like Granadafan, who among us hasn't witnessed somebody try to steam-clean somebody to death?

I work in Biotech and we have these large autoclave for steam sterilizing equipment. Two guys who hated each other were really getting into it one day. We were im used to it and tried to ignore them. Then we hear a scream and see one of the guys shove the other into the autoclave and slam the door and try to start the cycle. Luckily we tackled him before he could hit the start button and proceeded to pummel him. The way steam sterilization works is a series of vacuum and pressure pulses to remove all air pockets before introducing steam 122 degrees Celsius (~250F) at 30 psi. The guy would have exploded before being cooked.


8. While you're getting mad at tech support guys like weregildthegreat, they're getting even more mad at you.

Shortly after I became a second level agent, a coworker of mine who was particularly high strung would go from 0 -> 100 pretty quickly. Without any warning he ended up ripping his headset off his head and yelling "FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK" as loudly as his lungs and larynx would allow him, the manager who was on duty at the time was a lovely woman emerged from her office just to see this employee smash his headset to pieces. He got the rest of the day off.

9. Ring the alarm, Zerbo.

I worked at a very sketchy private ambulance company years ago that did non-emergency transports. One of the fleet maintenance guys found out he was being laid off, and proceeded to go into each rig, turn the lights and siren on in each one, (around 25 or so), lock all their doors, then throw all the keys down a nearby storm drain. It was magnificent.


10. A coworker of suitology came unglued just because they weren't going to pay her for hours she didn't work.

Woman kept taking off and coming in late, she was about 50. Eventually the boss called her in and asked "what is going on?".

The woman just loses it saying it's none of their business. Boss tells her that they will have to let her go if she misses one more day or is late again this year as she missed (15 days unscheduled, used her sick time, and vacation days and was late EVERY day by up to an hour and it was only april) and they will be docking her for those hours she wasn't here or left early. Woman starts SCREAMING "You don't have that right" "YOU CAN'T TAKE MY MONEY!" "FUCK YOU JUST FUCK YOU". Eventually she pulled the mat ontop of the desk of sending papers and the computer to the floor. Boss booked it and locked her in the room where she continued to kick holes in the drywall and break everything in sight. Security comes, They call the police, Police come go in and she started throwing stuff at them screaming "THAT'S MY GOD DAMN FUCKING MONEY" we were escorted off the floor and I'm guessing they tased her or something because she was taken out hand cuffed to a wheelchair.


11. "Hey everybody, hammer fiiiiiiight!" —lolxaaaa

I saw two stone masons get in a fist fight when I worked construction. I was laying electrical underground pipe, and they were laying block wall. One threw a hammer at the other one and hit him in the head. Cracked his eye socket. Cops came and took our statements and the guy got arrested for assault.

12. The main takeaway from this story from smakwan is that Bertucci's has rats.

Working at an Italian place, one of my co workers kept asking to be made a server instead of just working the takeout section. After being denied multiple times because he wasn't capable of being a server he then proceeded to tell the general manager to '' SUCK MY DICK FROM THE BACK!!'' Then stormed out yelling Bertuccis has Rats ! Bertuccis has rats!


13. RangerRickR saw a dude waste a sandwich, which is downright shameful.

A manager that wasn't really my manager. When his bosses were gone, he would take 1-2 hour lunches. On the clock. We were allowed a 30 minute lunch off the clock. He would sit in the management office and eat a little, read the paper. Just basically not working while the store got busy. It was fairly well known by the lower workers he did this, we just didn't say anything. One day a manager of equal power from a different department confronted him about it while he had been on lunch for over an hour.

He picked up his sandwich and threw it at her yellin about why doesn't he get to take his lunch in peace like everyone else. Basically just went on this rant of irrelevant stuff. Then just stopped, and went back to reading the paper. He got fired by the end of the day.


14. A coworker of vegetablesamosas showed that Chicago is the Second City but first in anger.

I was working in a fast food kitchen and we hired this shifty looking guy in his 50s named Chicago. His first day he started complaining because we kept him on only one task because he was new and still slow. Before we know it he was yelling, "Yall just dont want me to shine. Yall just scared." Then, he just walked out muttering that this place was too dirty to work in ( we had just opened so the place was in no way dirty).


15. You might remember this story from MyNameIsRay from when you read Death of a Salesman in high school.

I work at a company with commissioned salesmen.

Due to some market changes, commissions got slashed by a bunch of companies we represent. One of them, a major company for us, decided to announce this via e-mail on a Friday evening, after business hours.

A 30-year veteran salesman was out at the bar, saw it, and drowned his sorrows for a few hours.

Then, he decided to let the sender know how he really feels about the decision.

As you might expect, he "replied all", and sent his profanity filled, drunkenly composed rant to every competitor, salesman, and company official (of course, tied to our company's e-mail, even has our business card as his e-mail signature.) Then, he sent a follow up, letting us know just how little he cares.

Monday morning, we called him in, and he just shook his head and let us know he's well aware of why we're here, what he did, and he'll pack his stuff.


16. User godlessaudio tells us about the healthiest thing on the menu at his old employer.

Used to work at Ruby Tuesday and the newly promoted GM decided to quit by throwing his keys in the deep fryer.​


17. User why_you_ask was the victim of some extreme revenge that was also anonymous, for about five seconds.

I was a manager years ago and one of my duties was to order office supplies for everyone. The receptionist decided that she wouldn't give me her list in time and so nothing was ordered for her. She finally decided days after deliveries that she needed 1000 envelopes even though she already had 5000 at her desk. There was a minimum order fee and her $7 box of envelopes didn't meet it. I told her that I'd add her envelopes to the next order, but she'd have to wait. She flipped her shit. She screamed through the corporate office about what an asshole I was and that I was trying to oppress her and get her fired by making it impossible for her to do her job. Fast forward to the following morning. I walked into my gated parking garage to see that my car was covered in eggs, there was puke all over my hood, and my windows had been written on with shoe polish. I washed everything off and went in to work late. The receptionist was bragging about how she got me so good and how funny it was that she followed me home, waited for someone to open the access gate, and defaced my car. She was fired immediately....


18. Coworkers and rocks were victimized that day, in this story from funktion1lambda.

Witnessed a co worker get fired for showing up late. He was really in a bad mood that day. He started yelling at the manager and then kicking the back door. He broke through the door which was unlocked at the time. Then gets to his car, makes a call then races his engine and pops it into drive. He manages to run over most of the small shrubbery in front of his parking space and get his bumper hung up on a rock. Then throws is into reverse and sequels the tires until he gets free of the rock. Then starts randomly running over all the landscaping in the entire lot. At this point most of the coworkers are near the big window in front watching this, one is getting it on his iphone. He finally peels out into the street nearly missing a truck.


19. Once in a while, a person is lucky to witness a heroic act. Yeah_Mr_Jesus was just so lucky. (Also, there was farting.)

Anyway, this one kid who bussed with me was moving out of state and decided to not give a two weeks notice. The last day he was able to come in before he moved, he walked up to like 2 or 3 tables and just ripped the nastiest sounding farts I had ever heard. I "accidentally" walked in the back when the manger was firing him. Manager says "why would you do that instead of just telling me you quit?" My buddy responds "I fucking hate this place." He then farted again and walked out.