Most people hate their jobs, but they quietly deal with it and suppress their hostility and resentment. But everybody's got that one coworker who just couldn't take it anymore and exploded with rage while still at work. Redditors shared stories about their most memorably fed-up colleagues, and it might distract you long enough to keep you from quitting your own job in a huff.


1. And then iomega12 uses the phrase "passed out from rage" like that's a normal thing.

Many years ago I worked in a typical office environment. We handled voice/data issues for Fortune 500 companies. No, this wasn't a call center. This one guy got handed a rough issue (I'm unsure what it specifically was), he flips out, spikes his phone on the ground and storms out of the office.

On his way out to the lobby, he had pushed the door open so hard, it had caved in the wall opposite the door where the handle was leaving a gaping hole. Hours later he was discovered by management passed out from rage in the bushes surrounding the parking lot.

He was not suspended, written up, or anything.