How to progressively respond to your co-workers' sneezes.

How to progressively respond to your co-workers' sneezes.

Ever wondered what to do if a co-worker sneezes a lot? Here's a handy guide!

"F*cking Dave is always sneezing."

1st Sneeze.

Just a simple "Bless you!" or "Gesundheit!" will suffice.

2nd Sneeze.

Another "Bless you!" or "Gesundheit!"

3rd Sneeze.

You are now allowed to chuckle to acknowledge that they are sneezing a lot, but follow it up with a Bless you!" or "Gesundheit!"

4th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

5th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

6th Sneeze.

Now you can make a more explicit comment about how much they're sneezing. Like "Whoa, you've been sneezing a lot" or "Looks like we've got a Cheesey McSneezey over here."

7th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

8th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

10th Sneeze.

Start to get slightly annoyed. Maybe sigh or something.

11th Sneeze. 

Don't say anything.

12th Sneeze. 

Don't say anything.


13th Sneeze. 

G-chat one of your coworkers about how they should probably take it outside.

14th Sneeze. 

Don't say anything.

15th Sneeze. 

Don't say anything.

16th Sneeze. 

Don't say anything.

17th Sneeze.

Start to realize that something might actually be wrong with them.

18th Sneeze.

Gauge your coworkers' concern.

19th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.


20th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

21st Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

22nd Sneeze.

Start to feel guilty that you were annoyed by this biological function they have no control over.

23rd Sneeze.

Contemplate how irritable you've become lately. 

24th Sneeze.

Is it just stress? Or have you gradually become the cynical office worker you swore you would never become?

25th Sneeze.

Snap out of it and realize you have to do something.

26th Sneeze.

Ask them if they're okay. Maybe offer them a tissue or something.


27th Sneeze.

Google "What to do if someone is sneezing a lot?" 

28th Sneeze.

Give up because the article is too long too read.

29th Sneeze.

Shake them or something.

30th Sneeze.

Cradle them and tearfully yell, "Someone call an ambulance!" 

31st Sneeze.

Give up.

32nd Sneeze.

Either they'll stop sneezing or an ambulance will come and help them.

33rd Sneeze.

Can you die from sneezing? That's not a thing, right?


34th Sneeze.

Well there really isn't anything you can do. 

35th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

36th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

37th Sneeze.

Don't say anything.

38th Sneeze.

Start to get annoyed again.