Law student Arpan Verma had a very bad day at a café. It was so bad that it will put all of your bad café experiences to shame. And if not, I am so, so sorry.

According to a post going viral on Twitter, Verma was at a popular coffee chain called Cafe Coffee Day in the city of Jaipur, India, when he spotted "cockroaches and other bugs" crawling inside the café fridge. It seems the café was trying to hid the infestation behind menus.



Somehow, it gets worse. Verma claims he alerted the employees but they continued serving food from the infested fridge. So he began filming the bugs on his phone, when a café employee walked around the counter and slapped him in the face, causing him to drop the phone.

Verma caught the whole bizarre incident on video, which his friend, law student Nikhil Anand Singh, shared on Twitter:


"A big slap to consumer and consumerism," he wrote. Clever!

Singh also shared this statement from Verma:

In Verma's statement, he claims that after slapping him, the employee "started falsely accusing me of harassing her and abused me in front of the present customers."

The coffee chain says it is aware of the incident and is investigating, so that's nice. "The incident has been brought to our notice and has been escalated," said Cafe Coffee Day in a statement to NDTV. "Our corporate affairs team is in talks with the consumer and the internal cafe team to ascertain facts."


I dunno, Cafe Coffee Day, that video looked pretty fact-filled to me...

Sources: NDTV