21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

Getting the job is one thing—but holding onto it is another. This Reddit thread asks, "Redditors who were fired in the first week of your job, how did it happen?" Let's just say that there were some pretty ridiculous answers.

Just make sure you don't get caught reading this list at work, or else you might be next!

1. paulusmagintie was given a second chance, but still was fired.

The guy was looking for bar staff who could hit the ground running, I told him I don't much experience behind an actual bar, just a limited one at race events. (like 15 drinks compared to 50), he said as long as you are good I don't mind.

He gave me 3 shifts, I text on the sunday to find out what shifts I had the following week and he says "Oh I asked somebody to tell you not to come back, tell you what i'll give you another chance, you can do 2 more shifts".

Im like "Alright, fuck you but whatever", I turn in monday I am on my own, the normal staff didn't turn in, I got everything ready between me and the cook.

After my 2 shifts he told me not to come back because I wasn't experienced enough, took me a month to track the bastard down to pay me. (He stopped answering my calls so I used a different phone and got him, so he was actively avoiding me).


2. Seamonkeyknifefight got fired for the best reason ever.

I used to do tennis court maintenance on an island in Florida at a resort. My first day, the shop pro is late and I'm sitting on a golf cart after brushing the clay courts with Monica Seles just standing around waiting. She busts out with, "Want to hit a few balls?" So I'm down, how awesome is this? If you've never played with a professional tennis player before, you have no idea how fast that ball comes flying at you. It was like she was just practicing serving at me and I may have, being very generous, tipped a couple maybe. Well the shop pro shows up 15 minutes later and they do their thing. Comes up to me afterwards tells me I'm fired because policy says the court maintenance can not interact with the pros. Best thing I've ever gotten fired for!


3. FarmPhreshScottdog's job was over before it ever began.

I showed up to a restaurant for my first day and there was a notice on the door that they had been shut down... i have so [many] unanswered questions

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

4. Luanne_Lucky was fired over a case of mistaken identity.

Hired as tech for a private investigator. They mostly did cheating spouses or insurance fraud.

Second day I walk in to get started in my new office. Told I'm let go, don't disclose why, something about my background report and a "state police matter".

Never been in trouble. Never been arrested. I was so confused. So I pull my own records. Nothing.

My last name is common in Portugese/Brazilian areas. They had mistaken me for another woman, same name as me and of similar age, who had quite a lot of bad behavior.

I wonder how reputable they are if they didn't think to not only cross check the ages or go by last four of the social but, at least the state police weren't investigating me.

Which would explain why they were confused when I called them hysterical asking if they needed me to come in for questioning.


5. Freadan was a jack of all trades, master of none.

In college, I tried picking up a summer job at a furniture factory. I lasted one week. Over the 40 hour week, I was put into 22 different jobs. After finishing up on Friday, they let me go because "I wasn't fitting in anywhere."

They also weren't happy with me because I didn't show up on Thursday for the weekly off-the-clock staff meeting a half an hour before the shift started. The one I didn't hear about until they were chewing me out for not showing up to.

6. DiDalt knows that working for Toys R' Us is not all fun and games.

Let's talk about Toys R' Us. I needed a place to work. I told them I wouldn't be available until next month (about 20 days away) because I was going through finals. They said that everything sounded good and they looked forward to working with me. The next week rolled by and I got a call saying I didn't show up to my shift and that I'm fired. I thought, "Really? They can't keep track of when I'm supposed to work? I don't want to work for these jokers if they can't manage simple scheduling."

A month or so goes by and I get a call, asking if I want to work for a different Toys R' Us store. I say sure. I get to work, everything seems nice. I put in a couple months of work. Liking the staff. One day I ask for a week off. This seemed to be the most insane request they have ever heard. They started freaking out about scheduling and saying it just wouldn't work that I couldn't take it off. The week I wanted off was over 2 months away. I told them that I needed it off and that the schedule wasn't even made for that month yet. I was told, "Well if you're so determined that you just MUST take a vacation in the middle of the month, then you might as well put in your 2-week notice (saying that I'm leaving the company)." I said, "Fine. Consider this my 2-week notice." I wrote it on a piece of paper that was next to me and signed it. They then said, "No, you can't just leave. We were about to make the schedule." I told them, "Fine. Don't put me on it. I won't be here." Half-way through the next week, they put my name on the schedule for the next month. I told them I wasn't going to come in because I only had about another week left. The remainder of the week and next week go by. I put in my regular hours. I have never missed a day of work in my life. It's the day after the 2-week time period I gave them when I got a call saying that since I didn't show up to work, and that I was fired. When I went to pick up my last check, they were trying to guilt me into working a free day because of "all the trouble I caused them". The manager then tried some reverse psychology stuff, saying "if only you didn't give us that 2-week notice, you could be working right now." Like, uhh... no. I turned in the 2-week notice because I DIDN'T want to work here. What the fuck? No, I'm not coming back.

The big problem happens AFTER they fired me. I could not land a job for over a year. I found out that the Toys R' Us manager was saying I was a very horrible employee that didn't listen and rarely showed up to work. I wasn't even putting them on previous work history. But it's in my file somewhere I guess because they kept calling me "last known place of employment" and getting the same shitty Toys R' Us manager.

Years later I received a payout from a civil lawsuit against them for how they treated their employees and lost wages.

Edit: And by the way; I won employee of the month twice, and I only worked there for 2 months. I was your fucking star employee the entire time I was there

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

7. imiweli was not the person for the job...and their employer knew that.

The job required specific licenses and technical knowledge which I said I didn't have during the interview. They hired me anyway. Three days in and the director of the company finds out that I didn't have any and I was fired

8. Bussashot's coworker really would do anything for love.

Coworker of mine had to fire a new employee on his team on day 4.

The new hire brought her girlfriend to work (who was not employed with us) and she sat in the lunch room on her laptop, working on...god knows what. This occurred for 2 days before anyone realized she didn't work here. We told the new hire to tell her to leave. She said, "If she goes, then I go."

They both left


9. octonautsfan73m probably doesn't want to work for these jerks anyway.

When my wife deployed I got a job at a warehouse in our hometown and signed up for a 55 hour workweek job. I worked 6am to 5pm four days. Then on Friday my boss asked me to stay from 6am to 7pm. I said I couldn't because my son's daycare closed at 6:00, but I would stay until 5:40. He called me a slacker and demanded l have one of my in laws pick up my child for me. I left at 5:40 and he called me to tell me I was fired.

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

10. _anacantha was traumatized after this horrifying experience:

I've only been fired once.

This was my first job, I was 15 (it was Subway). I was training so I wasn't on the official schedule yet but the store manager told me to come in from 9-5 M-F to train. I left on Friday at 5 and he said to check back that weekend to see if I was on the schedule for the following week. I came in on Saturday and went to check the schedule, I saw that I had a few weekday shifts the next week, wrote them down and left. I came in the following week and went to walk behind the counter when a coworker stopped me. It was during the lunch rush and she stopped serving customers and shouted "YOU'RE FIRED. YOU DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR YOUR WEEKEND SHIFT!" I was stunned. I told her I came in on Saturday, I WALKED PAST HER to check the schedule and I wasn't on it! If I was supposed to be working, why didn't she say something to me when I was there? She then told me to take off my uniform (in front of all of these customers who are now staring at me) and give it back. I had to undress in a restaurant full of people and then leave. Thankfully I was wearing a tanktop under my work shirt.

I was so humiliated. Easily one of my worst memories.


11. parafinn_puppy had no comment after this one.

I got fired from a landscaping job after two days. Supervisor told me my work was fine but that I didn’t chat enough. Maybe I would have been more willing to chat with him if he hadn’t been hanging out on the porch naked when I showed up at his house on the second day to drive to the work site.

12. devjunky decided to take off after being reprimanded for taking off.

I was working as a bookkeeper for a local middleman construction supply company. They bought things like toilets, fixtures, and would sell them to construction companies. My job relied solely on the incoming vendor invoices of the day, so I could record them, do their markup, and send out invoices to their clients.
I started on a Monday, and the following Monday was a US federal holiday with no mail, so they told me on Friday that since there was no mail, it didn't make much sense for me to come in because there wasn't much to do and I was new. Ok Cool. Monday afternoon, there's a message on our answering machine (this was years ago), and asked if I could call them back. After doing so, I got reprimanded for not showing up to work by the same guy who told me to take the day off, and told me not to bother coming in again.

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

13. billy_hardcue actually deserves to get fired for this one.

16 years old. I got a job picking tomatoes. Fired on the first day when they realised I was colour blind after picking all the green ones.

14. ohboythisisit got fired, but also got sweet revenge.

Day Two. I was fired because "We can clearly see you aren't getting it."

This was at a deli. They never actually showed me anything and left me on my own to serve customers during a lunch rush. Nothing was labelled to tell me what it was and their selection was HUGE. The customers were actually very nice about it and pointed to what they wanted, but when they finally returned they yelled at me in front of customers for the place being untidy. The owner turned into a demon woman when she told me to clean their meat slicer and I asked for training. When I was let go she bellowed "And return that uniform, and make sure you WASH IT!!"

A friend and I ran the uniform over with his car several times, I then dragged it through the mud and posted it through their letterbox when they had closed.


15. ottrocity got fired from a job they never even had.

Applied for job at Jimmy John's. Went to final interview and was given the sandwich list, told "you better memorize this or else, you start tomorrow." I looked at the list that was twice as long as the actual menu, said "this job won't be for me, but thanks. I'll look elsewhere. Thanks for the opportunity."

A week later I was called and told that I was fired for not showing up.

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

16. moopig48's first day was also their last.

Was hired as a bartender (a job in which I had plenty of experience).

First day on shift: They assigned me to filling up helium balloons for their NYE party, along with one other girl, rather than mixing drinks. Whatever, I'll do what I'm asked. Hundreds of balloons later, my fingers were damn near severed from tying off the stupid things by hand. But I was finished. They told me to go on home.

Didn't hear anything about my next shift, so I called the owner after a couple of days to find out when she wanted me back in. She says "All of the balloons YOU filled up came down from the ceiling way before midnight. If you can't even fill up a stupid balloon I'm not going to trust you to make drinks".

  1. They're unrelated. 2. How exactly were you able to determine which balloons I filled vs the other girl. 3. Fuck you, my fingers hurt just thinking about it.

17. MaryMSplawn doesn't know how this happened.

Failed the mandatory "new hire drug test". I've never done drugs...

18. ChristmasSkeletor understands why they were fired.

I pressed the wrong buttons on the till and sold a £50 watch for 50p. My boss made the right decision there...

21 people who were fired in their first week of work reveal what went down.

19. MrSheikh's story sounds like something out of a sitcom.

16 years old. Day two of work. Hired as a busboy for a fancy restaurant. Cleaning up a table of food, drinks, and stuff. As I finished up, I tripped on my too long pants, and dumped a whole tray of all the food and drinks all over several people that were "very important". Got fired right on the spot.


20. ImBruceWillis tried to warn his employers, but they didn't listen.

I made it explicitly clear at every point of the hiring process that I would not be able to work weekends, and then they scheduled me for a weekend.

21. AttilaLaHun's story is pretty bittersweet.

I worked at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant in town that had just opened. It was under the table and I was a freshman in high school. Some of my friends worked there too as waiters and waitresses, but I was assigned to the kitchen. I was the only white person who worked in the kitchen, everyone else was either from Japan (chefs) or from Indonesia (dishwashers/prep). Immediately on my first day I was taught some basic Japanese, basic Indonesian, basic food prep skills, and then fully expected to act as a go-between for the two groups.

In the morning the Indonesians had me chopping vegetables I had never seen with knives I had never held. In the evening the Japanese chefs who were normally very stoic would grow sentimental and let me cook with them. I left work well past midnight having not spoken English for hours, sweaty as all hell, and smelling strongly of soy sauce.

My last day of work (day 7) the Indonesians gave me a bracelet made out of seashells from their country to wear. That evening, the Japanese chefs tied a Japanese flag bandana around my head to wear, just like them. They brought in a black and white samurai movie to watch while we worked.

Suddenly, I was called to the boss’s room (whom I had never met or seen). He was Japanese and spoke English with a thick accent. He commanded me to sit, and to my horror I saw that 3 of my coworkers from school were there too. He then informed us that we were all fired, effective immediately. It turned out that one of the shithead white kids was stealing alcohol from the bar and selling it in the parking lot. The boss man didn’t like that, and thought it reflected poorly on all of us white kids. So we were all fired, though I had no idea what was going on. The Japanese chefs looked at me sternly when I went back to grab my things, but gave me firm handshakes. The Indonesians were teary eyed and gave me quick hugs.

I returned to school a few days later and to my boring existence. This was many years ago. It was the greatest job I’ve ever had.