Flight attendants revealed all the mind-blowing secrets you never knew about flying.

Flight attendants revealed all the mind-blowing secrets you never knew about flying.

We sure put a lot of trust into the hands of others when we fly. We're a metal tube hurtling through the sky at 700 miles per hour, trusting that a whole complicated mess of things will go right. The friendly faces of flight attendants normalize all of this and make it better, but they're also the people who truly know what's up behind the scenes of air travel. Recently some flight attendants took to Reddit to reveal the hidden truth about flying.


1. Flight attendant skeeeee says to not be afraid of that terrifying thing.

It is nearly impossible for turbulence to crash a plane (even the bad stuff). Turbulence is only dangerous because of things flying around the cabin and that includes people not wearing seat belts. Most accidents happen at take off and landing that's why we make you do all of those things before take off and landing.

2. This one from plax1780 is why it's a good thing there's a co-pilot.

How much the pilots sleep

3. Munkyspyder has a reminder that smoking can kill… everyone.

Yes smoking really is an issue on board, please please don't do it. We're all trained in firefighting but it's still extremely dangerous to do so on board. Vaping on the other hand is completely harmless but forbidden anyway, purely because it may entice other passengers to light up real cigs. The only real problem with e-cigs are the lithium batteries.


4. Seeyou_never says the amount of bodily fluids in any cabin could rival a hospital.

I'm a flight attendant.... So many incidents occur on the plane that every day passengers don't see or consider. My last flight an elderly man accidentally shit on the floor, stepped in it, and walked on like it was nothing. DO NOT WALK AROUND BAREFOOT. Pee and poop happens, all over. I feel like I witness an "accident" regularly; in their seat or in the lav. People get nose bleeds, or their wounds open. Obviously when we land, it is thoroughly cleaned. But inflight our resources are limited. DON'T CHANGE YOUR BABY'S DIAPER ON THE TRAY TABLE. This also happens all the time. It's unsanitary and people use the tray table to eat, put their personal things on, etc.


5. There are a lot of parts of a flight you don't know about, says oh_sneezeus. Oh, sorry, parts on a flight you don't know about.

There are sometimes body parts in the storage area near your luggage ( when they are flying transplants for hospitals). Also your pets are In the same area as well.

6. Flight attendant dallenhill would like to remind you to restore your tray table to its fully upright and completely disgusting position.

Tray tables are rarely if ever sanitized do not put food directly on them.


7. Some very bad news and some very good news from asamermaid.

An airplane can fly with one engine, and if an engine catches on fire, they have the means of extinguishing it while in air.

8. Giftofnarwhals says that pilots are only human. Oh no, humans are the worst!

I used to work with elderly people and one of my clients was a former pilot that finally quit when he realized in the middle of a flight his dementia had progressed and he couldn't remember where he was supposed to be flying to. Meaning he had been flying for a commercial airline with dementia for quite some time before that.


9. Flight attendant whywouldyousaythattt really, really, really hopes to see you next time, irate passenger.

When we say "see you next time" to certain passengers as they deplane after arrival, that's our code word for "fuck you - I hope you never fly with us again".


10. HansenTakeASeat already knows you're drunk.

When FAs greet you as you board, they aren't just being nice, they're making sure you're not hammered or in some other way going to be a nuisance.

11. Flight attendant joshuaawesome92 clearly just doesn't want you to have a good time, man.

You aren't aloud to consume your own alcohol in flight. The reason is that we have to be able to monitor your alcohol consumption in flight. The exception is first class. If you bring your own booze we can serve it to you in first class only.


12. According to tz100, flight attendants can recognize drunk people because they often are drunk people.

I dated a flight attendant for a while. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that sometimes delays are caused by Flight attendants not showing up and the airline scrambling to get a back-up scheduled. Like a flight attendant was partying too hard last night and decided to call off 2 hours before that $1500 cross ocean flight you just popped on.


13. CeilingUnlimited says there's a lot of pressure up there, and there's only one super gross way to relieve it.

Sticking your finger in a too-fizzy Coke will subside the bubbles faster. Source - married to a former flight attendant who did it all the time to passenger drinks, and continues to do it to this day, much to my consternation. If those passengers only knew....


14. Flight attendant chapingu says that celebrities are just like us: desperate for an upgrade.

We all know who the bitchy rude celebrities are and the nice ones. Celebrities will often be upgraded for free (say business to first) as it is free publicity for the airline if they tweet about it. A lot of them will travel under a fake name and we will be told to refer to them as that during our briefing.

15. Flight attendants like selkiee don't like the "sexy flight attendant" thing because it's both sexist and patently untrue.

Along with the "sexy" flight attendant myth - lol. I have never felt more disgusting than when I was a flight attendant. I was constantly bloated from the air pressure, or doubled over with gas pain from holding in my farts. My feet smelled like hell, along with my shoes. I sometimes couldn't properly wash my uniform or tights on long trips. I avoided the lavatories because they were disgusting so god knows what my (required) makeup looked like half of the time.


16. BowieBlueEye knows all about your feeble attempts to join the Mile High Club.

We know if you're having nookie in the bathroom, we can also open the doors, easily, from the outside.