If you're the type of person racking your brain to come up with the perfect gift—stop. Just stop. Every idea you've ever had is trash compared to the gag gifts the People of the Internet come up with, execute perfectly, and then share on Reddit for all of us to marvel at. These may have been intended as joke gifts, but some of them are actually great ideas. Take inspiration. You will not come up with anything better.

1. ScoutManDan was puzzled over a puzzle, then kept the puzzle.

We had one manager called Simon that should never ever have been allowed to manage a team. He was a bumbler, didn't know the job, didn't know how to motivate people and was just awful. Nice guy outside work, but clearly out of his depth.

I need you to picture this guy in your mind. He's overweight, balding, glasses and peeking out from the collar of his shirts is an overwhelming about of chest/back hair- it's like he's got a jumper attached to his skin.

I opened my present in front of the office. It was a Jigsaw, of one of Simon's private holiday photos, topless, in a pool with a Dolphin. Emblazoned across it was "Merry Christmas, love from Simon xxx"

I opened it to a bit of general hilarity from those around me. I smiled, despite the slight nausea and held it up.

"Guess I figured out who my secret santa is then? Thanks Simon. I think."

"What? I didn't buy that, I got Dave! Who the fucks got hold of my photos?"

I still to this day do not know who bought that gift.


2. CheetosChickenFrys got the gift that keeps on giving (until you cancel it)!

Last year I received a trashy romance novel called "Pleasing Her Seal" (double entendra on point, dude was a navy seal). But, bonus, the gift giver also figured out all the information he needed to subscribe me to the book club, so the real surprise came a month later, when I received 3 more trashy novels at my doorstep, and the next month, until I had to call them and cancel.

I now have a collection of smut.

3. This guy needs an update.

A brand new unopened copy of Windows 95 (in 2014)

4. Lukebr4 is super jealous, because porn ain't free (in a thousand, a million other places).

I witnessed a coworker receive a subscription to pornhub and a box of tissues in the middle of a busy office. Lucky bastard.

5. Mr_Funnybones has a similar problem.

My coworker gave my other coworker a pocket pussy because he thought everyone would be opening their presents privately. We had to sit in a circle while we took turns opening our presents. The crazy shenanigans that unfolded is something that I'll always laugh at.

6. Wamorgan29 has a great tip, but it's not for everyone.

A few years back my father in law lost the tip of his finger when trying to fix the garage door. They were able to save it and it was given away at our family white elephant exchange. Now that was messed up, but the following year the Uncle that had "won" it brought it back. This time though it was encased in resin and placed in a shadow box with text saying "You've been given the finger." My father in law won it again and now refuses to put it back into the gift exchange.


7. Lazoord has a pretty time-intensive prank that's fun for the whole family (except the uncle).

One year we wrapped up half my uncles wardrobe individually and presented it to him as if they were gifts of new clothes. It was fun watching him do the whole fake surprise thing, and then see him grow skeptical, and then realise what is going on. He proceeded to have to unwrap everything so that he could put it back.

8. And here's a prank from religiousgrandpa that's a little more R-rated.

I gave one of my good friends a normal gift with a card. She opened the gift and read the card which said, "If you don't like this gift, there's another one for you in your car." I put the other gift, wrapped neatly in a box, in the back seat of her car. When she got the chance, she opened the second gift and read the card. The second gift was a big, black dildo the size of a lumberjack's forearm. The card said, "If you don't like the first gift, you can go fuck yourself."

We both got a laugh out of it.


9. Yup, time to go buy one of these. Thanks Sporgi.

I ALWAYS buy my wife at least one gag gift a year.

So this year I bought her a "Peequality" - - - it's a device that allows her to stand up while she pees. Almost like a plastic dick funnel.

EDIT: Link for the lazy.... or for any ladies looking to stand when they pee

Pretty self explanatory how this thing works.
Pretty self explanatory how this thing works.

10. Alright, Auntbabe's is hard to replicate.

A framed and mounted taxadermied mouse skin (sans head and feet). Complete with a tag with the latin name.

During the White Elephant my son watched that thing like a hawk and as soon as he unwrapped his gift he traded it for the mouse. He was the happiest 6 year old in the room.


11. All you need is an expensive box, according to cosmicdebriz.

The most depressing one I've heard about is when my boyfriend, as a kid, received a scratch lottery ticket packaged in a Playstation box. Obviously, he didn't win anything.

12. Yup, time to go buy one of these. Thanks, dont_drink_the_milk.

I've had a lot of fun giving the"World's Okayest Girlfriend" and "World's Okayest Boss" coffee mugs from Worlds Okayest.

If you give them to the right person the reaction can be hilarious. For instance, I bought one for my boss and left it on his desk without a card or anything. He spent the entire day wondering who gave it to him and if it was a joke or not.

It wasn't, he's a terrible boss.

They have them for every "okayest" person in your life.
They have them for every "okayest" person in your life.

13. Now this is just adorable, from _Polite_.

My mum once found a shitty little charm bracelet in the street in Ireland, in the gutter, covered in mud. She cleaned it, wrapped it up and gave it to my brothers fiancé for Christmas that year. Now, every year, they gift it back to each other every Christmas. This has been going on for nearly 10 years.

14. Straydog1980 has either the funniest or most passive aggressive grandma.

GrandMother in law gave my dad combs for a number of years. He'd maintained a shaved head since before he got married to my mom.


15. Yourdungeonmaster's takes effort and execution, but the pay off is also not worth it.

Dude brought a huge box, like big enough for a dorm refrigerator plus packing material. It was wrapped and had a bow on top, but the top was bulging a bit, and every so often it seemed to move on its own. When the package was finally unwrapped, it was revealed that the box had not been taped shut. The flaps parted to release a bunch of helium balloons which rose slowly toward the ceiling, carrying a very large pair of red, silk, women's panties beneath them.


16. This seems expensive and time-consuming all for a joke, so bravo, Back2Bach!

Some students got together and bought the crabby old nun that ran the confirmation class an "African Grey" parrot that had been taught an extensive repertoire of cuss words and obscene phrases.

They thought it would scandalize her. Instead, she later said she loved it and that the cussing parrot was a "conversation piece" in the convent.

17. And let's end with perhaps the cruelest prank of all. Thank you, Kolada.

I've never done this, but only because I don't have the balls. I always wanted to give some baby clothes to my brother and his girlfriend at family Christmas. When they open it and give you a wierd look you say, "oh my God, you haven't told mom and dad? I'm so sorry." and then just watch the chaos for 30 seconds or so. Either everyone gets a good laugh or people never talk to you again.