Next time, spring for the sunroof.

This video captures the slow-building exasperation of one sportscar owner who learned the hard way not to take up two spaces at his office parking lot. Per the YouTube description: "Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day, so we showed him you can actually still fit another car beside his." 

There are so many things right about this. The dejected way the offending parker slams his door after tossing his briefcase into the passenger seat so he can free up his hands to figure this shit out. The fact that the car in question is a Jaguar, implying that the guy is probably in a tax bracket that merits others taking pleasure in his misfortune. The fact that from far away he kind of looks like Milton from Office Space, which makes him owning a sportscar even more amusing (though Milton deserved a little luxury after what he'd been put through).