7 healthy desk lunches that let your coworkers know you're better than them.

7 healthy desk lunches that let your coworkers know you're better than them.

Making yourself a lunch to bring to work has many benefits. It's cheaper than buying an overpriced chopped salad, and often the food you make yourself is much healthier than what you'll get in cafes or fast food chains. Plus, it's a great way to subtly one-up your coworkers.

1. Buddha bowl.

This Buddha bowl is packed with grains, veggies, and proteins to help you refuel and stay energized for the afternoon. Eat it while bragging to Janet about the invigorating yoga class you took early this morning while she was struggling to get her four kids ready for school. Want even more to brag about? Why not make a vegan version, like this one?

2. Deconstructed salad.

This deconstructed salad is a great way to get all your veggies in. Plus, it looks beautiful. Linda from accounting tosses all of her salad ingredients all willy-nilly into a tupperware like an uncivilized troll. Your impeccable salad presentation will intimidate her. Not sure where to start? Try this recipe for a deconstructed Cobb salad.

3. Grains and black beans topped with an egg and avocado.

Leftovers are always better when you #putaneggonit and top with #avocado!!! ๐Ÿด

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The beans and poached egg in this dish provide lots of protein, while the avocado brings in healthy fats. It'll keep you full for the rest of the day, and help you quietly establish dominance over your cubicle-mate, Dale. This meal says, "That's right, Dale. I know how to poach an egg. I'm more evolved than you. I'm the alpha." Don't know how to poach an egg yet? Learn here.

4. Spaghetti with pork and pancetta goulash.


Sometimes you just need some good, old-fashioned comfort food. And what's more comforting than pasta? Oh, that's right, pasta that makes you look like an extraordinarily gifted gourmet chef. Don't forget to tell everyone in your lunch meeting how simple it was to make. Find a similar pork goulash recipe here.

5. Seared tuna, salmon sashimi, seaweed salad.

Enjoy your protein-packed salmon sashimi and yummy seaweed salad while loudly reminiscing about the year you spent living abroad in Japan. Ask Kevin if he's ever lived abroad, and give him a condescending pity smile when he says he hasn't. Learn how to make sashimi here.


6. Turkey burger.

Your homemade turkey burger is not only a great source of lean protein, but it'll also make Bill feel like a disgusting slob for settling on a Big Mac with fries. Find a great turkey burger recipe here.

7. Roast lamb, broccoli, and marble potatoes.

Prepping all your meals on Sundays will help you stay on track when you're busy and don't have time to cook during the week. Make sure to talk loudly about your active social life and extensive workout regime, all while pulling your home cooked meal out of the fridge so your co-workers understandโ€”you're a perfect superhuman who really can do it all.