Hotel employee has the most devious solution to a micromanaging boss.

Hotel employee has the most devious solution to a micromanaging boss.

There's nothing worse than having a boss hang over your every move, telling you what to do the second before you are about to do it. Luckily, we found this incredibly satisfying story of revenge from one dude who used his superior knowledge to enact the greatest revenge plot of all time.

The following is the probably true story, as told by Redditor stewietm.

I've worked at my current hotel more than long enough that at any other business I would be treated as if I was just as competent as any other employee. But unfortunately I have the weirdest most baby talky mother fucker of a manager. I was warned when I first started working here by the previous new person that this behavior will continue until their is another new person. She apparently had dealt with this for 3 years.....

You know it's bad when learning how to deal with your manager's crap personality is part of the welcome advice.

On to the story.

My Manager starts hovering as he usually does cause I'm "new" and starts saying things like "you could do this to make it faster" or "I usually click these buttons" but the one thing he says that pisses me off more than anything is when he says "f1 THEN f5, to save and checkout the folio."

Like bitch I can remember two things damn! All of these little suggestions are always unprompted.


That sound you're hearing right now is all of our collective heads nodding along in recognition, but here's where this dude turned the tables.

But I have one thing up my sleeves. I'm younger and better then him at anything technology related. So obviously I decided to switch that little shortcut to f5 first then f1.

The next day he starts his usual suggestions all the while I'm waiting for "f1 then f5". He finally says it and the following interaction occurred.

me: Hah so you're trying to mess me up now? That's new.

him: What?

me: Its always been f5 then f1.

Approaches computer after letting out the most fucking sarcastic sigh I've ever heard.

him: No no no seee...

He stands their confused as nothing happens when he hits f1 and im just sitting their watching him but I decide to mess with him more.

me:Is this some sort of weird test? Why are you doing it wrong?

him:No its always been this way..... (he really trailed off like mindfuck trailed off)

me:Well here comes some customers let me take over again.

He walks away looking extremely confused, as hes walking away

him:Okay.... Okay... Right


The moral of the story? It's ok to make your boss think he's losing his mind if it gets him off your back for even five minutes.