Hotels bring out the worst in people. Because guests are not responsible for cleaning up after themselves and because they'll probably never see their fellow guests ever again, societal standards dissolve and true craziness is given free reign. Thankfully, someone on Reddit gave hotel employees an opportunity to share their craziest stories by asking them about the strangest things they've ever seen hotel guests doing. After reading them, you'll think about Airbnb'ing next time.


1. The "Pie Guy."

2. The doll collector.

3. The treadmill sleeper.

4. The weird wedding guest.

5. The assortment of pool weirdos.


6. The cinephile.

7. The toilet wine connoisseur.

8. The old couple.

9. The filmmakers.


10. The mysterious woman.

11. The Gecko abuser.

12. The stoner.

13. The pooper.

14. The Twilight fans.

15. The cosplayer.

Sources: Reddit