When work gets rough, most of us can keep our feelings bottled up until we can vent about our day to our significant other and/or cat. But, every so often, work can push perfectly self-controlled individuals over the edge. People shared some of the most insane workplace meltdowns they've ever witnessed in this AskReddit thread, and did not disappoint. The responses might even make you feel better about that time you got angry at your job, because at least you didn't behave like these 11 unstable individuals:

1. She may have been acting like a toddler, but at least angrywords's co-worker followed instructions.

I work in hospitality. Our old head of housekeeping was a small Polish woman with a spitfire personality. She refused to hire minorities or heavier woman (even though some of the best cleaners we've ever had were one of those two). She worked 7 days a week at least 50 hours total. She was burning herself out hard core. She was very paranoid and always afraid someone was out to get her position.

Well, one morning she got into it with one of our best housekeepers. She grabbed the woman's wrist and gave her an indian burn. Then she came to the front desk, yelling and screaming, and threw herself to the floor, like a toddler having a tantrum, kicking her arms and legs. This was in the middle of a busy check in window as well, and here she is rolling on the ground crying and yelling.

I looked at her and said, "get your ass to the office if you're going to have a melt down". So she picked herself up, then threw herself down in the office and finished her tantrum there. She was fired that day.


2. plax1780 knows firsthand that any good workplace breakdown story involves public urination.

Dude pissed in another persons locker at work and then another coworker went in to sniff the guys pants that were in the locker cuz he didn't believe it was piss, and then he proudly confesses to all of us, "yep that's definitely piss!"

3. airwalkerdnbmusic's metalworking professor had a literal (aluminum) meltdown.

While I was at college learning metalworking, our teacher got so pissed off with the complete lack of respect/attention by his students that he stormed out of the engineering lab and got in his car then drove off, only to hit a lampost at nearly 30mph. He got out of his car, pushed it off the lampost, which fell over and nearly took him out. He drove off with steam coming out of the bonnet of his new Porsche.

Meanwhile, he had left an Aluminium crucible on full heat which literally went into meltdown. Molten metal started bubbling and bursting out of the crucible like a volcano. Where the molten metal touched anything flammable, it started a fire.

When molten metal starts erupting, you know you're having a bad day. He was remarkably not fired, and all of his students made rapid life adjustments and never disrespected him again.

Sometimes, you've just had enough.
Sometimes, you've just had enough.

4. We're just impressed that hak5013's boss had the guts to wear jeggings in a federal government building.

I had this terrible/ incompetent boss when I worked in a certain federal building in DC famous for the number of sides that it has. We got this important task to do and she decided that her whole staff was too stupid to help and got weirdly secretive about it. The time came to present it to her boss and for some reason (THANK GOD, because this was really fun to witness) she brought be with her. So I'm sitting there listening to her, and her boss's face is getting all contorted as she's speaking and he's clearly displeased, but was pretty professional and said "look, we've done this 100 times before, why don't you go back and ask hak5013 how we've done it the past and come back tomorrow". Her face turned red, she started shaking and she just walked out of his office without saying anything. Weird and unprofessional, but hey it's the government, so I didn't really think much of it.

On my way back from lunch I come across by boss in the hall with a cart full of her belongings, the framed/matted poster sized awards that she had on her wall, her family photos, everything - and her boss is kind of starting to yell like "you can't just leave, we have this important thing to finish" and she's going off in front of everyone all like "I'm not taking this bleeeeeeping bleep bleep bleep" and completely losing it. People are starting to congregate and stare, so goes back to her office, probably just to get him to leave her alone because like 15 minutes later she's gone.

We all figured, I guess she quit? One. Week. Later. She rolls into the office in jeggings, knee high leather boots, and a puffy vest and acts like this is normal (to drop off the face of the planet for a week AND to be dressed like this at our workplace) and just says "Sorry I left you hanging on that project hak5013, I was having back spasms." I'm really not good at playing it cool, so people were lining up to peek around the corner into her office to see my facial expressions.

Somehow she got all of her stuff back up on her walls without anyone noticing, but she took her stuff off the walls and left in the middle of the day 2 more times before I quit that job.

(I actually quit, like, got another job and never went back)

TL, DR; My old boss took a critique from her boss really poorly, walked off the job after a screaming fit and came back a week later like nothing happened.


5. Idrinknailpolish watched a broken world map break his Social Studies teacher's brain.

I was in 5th grade, and we had this Social Studies teacher (who was strangely resemblant of Colonel Sanders) named Dr. King. He was high strung, a little overly touchy (physically and emotionally), and he loved his map of the world. It was one of those maps that requires a string to be pulled down in order to reveal it. Dr. King would not let anyone but him pull it down.

One of my friends named Oren was a bit of a bad seed. He'd consistently get in to trouble, because he was kind of a mischievous little cunt. One day, we were in Social Studies, and Dr. King was about to use his precious prized map of the world for his lesson. We were all being shit heads on this day, all the while Dr. King is trying desperately to maintain composure. Oren, gassed up on the attention of his friends, volunteers to help Dr. King pull the map down. In a moment of tenderness and foolishness, Dr. King agreed to let Oren open up the map. Oren, so ecstatic that of all the kids he was the one allowed to do this, runs up to the map string and clutches it. He then pulls it down with the force of a fuckin' tank, and the map tears in half.

Dr. King goes completely white with anger. He starts babbling and repeating one phrase over and over. "Why would you do this? Why would you do this? Why would you do this? Why would you do this?" He can't even reprimand Oren properly, he's just stuck in a loop at this point. The next day Dr. King did not show up for class, and that continued through the rest of the entire semester. Oren broke Dr. King.

tl;dr Kid breaks teachers prized map. Teacher blows a fuckin' gasket and can't stop saying "Why would you do this?" Never shows back up to class.


6. stevieracine witnessed a WWE-style fight between two movers in Chicago. I don't know about you, but my money's on the dude with the bird bath.

My wife and we're walking in downtown Chicago last summer and we saw 2 furniture movers get into a tiff. Se slowed our pace to witness the bit of drama that escalated into a one on the guys using a floor lamp like a baseball bat while the others weapon of choice was a fucking bird bath.

So long, suckers!
So long, suckers!

7. We're in awe of the amount of planning awsnapitsrachel's co-worker put into his exit. He really stuck it to the man on his way out.

I worked for a fortune 100 tech company that gave all of us free top of the line tablets when we were on boarded. This one guy came in smelling like weed one day, and so he was asked to go home and come back the next day. Apparently he'd been planning his exit because he walked to the front of house, and sparked a cigar in the middle of the room. He then proceeded to pull the tablet out of his backpack, with a hammer following. He smashed the screen of the device with the hammer and just said "Don't let yourselves be slaves to the corporation." Dropped the tablet on the floor, walked out, never to be seen again. Oh, and we got armed security in the building for 2 weeks in case he tried to come back. I've never seen something so hilariously dramatic since.


8. You knew at least one of these meltdowns had to end with someone getting arrested. Blackbeyond's story doesn't disappoint.

Posted this somewhere else before but:

At my old store, we had a high schooler employed as a cashier because her dad worked as the deli assistant manager. Everything was fine, she was a little bratty and wouldn't listen to me or any of the other service leads, but she did her job alright.

Her dad got caught selling ecstasy and weed in the parking lot and was arrested and she was promptly put under investigation too. Eventually they found out that she had been stealing from her register and she was arrested during one of my shifts.

I watched as they told her why she was being arrested, that charges were being pressed, and that she was officially fired.

This sixteen year old tries to resist arrest, falls to the ground and begins to beat on the floor while tearing at her uniform. They manage to get her hands behind her back after she'd gotten her shirt off.

Once she's in cuffs she begins to shout that she's going to sue everyone because they're looking at her body and she's underage and don't they know who she is and she knows people who will fuck us all up.

They put her in the back of the cop car and she thrashed around trying to escape, banging on the divider and trying to get her hands on the cops. Not sure what happened to her after they drove away.


9. The guy might've lost his job, sweaty_obesity, but he also got to eat fifty chicken wings. Honestly, that's a pretty fair trade in our book.

I've posted this before, but it still makes me laugh. I wasn't the one that got fired, but I watched it happen. I was at Publix getting a sub when I hear this:

Manager: What the hell are you doing?! You know I have to fire you for doing this again.

Worker: What is the problem? I didn't do anything wrong.

Manager: You are allowed to get something to eat on your break, not eat while you're packing food.

Worker: So I had a couple chicken wings, it's not that big of a deal.


Nothing else was said and the manager escorted the wing eater out. The guy was making baskets of wings and was basically going " 1 for the basket, 1 for me" and eating his way through the batch of wings. Best part was the two people making subs just start laughing and one goes "if the manager knew how much that guy has eaten in the 2 weeks he has worked here, he would shit a brick. The other day he just sat there eating a whole container of potato salad while he was working the fryer."


10. The first half of turkoosi_aurinko's story sounds like a pretty standard office breakdown. The second half takes a dark turn.

One of our product managers was having a meeting with our CPO, right next to our work area. They were discussing an upcoming release, and the CPO asked how things were going with another team. Product manager flipped his shit, screaming profanities about how he wants nothing to do with them etc. He was fired then and there.

A few weeks later, the now former product manager assaults a kid with a hammer in a dorm at Georgetown University, with no apparent motive. Police start a manhunt for him, but he flees the country to escape.

When your co-worker is suddenly the target of a manhunt.
When your co-worker is suddenly the target of a manhunt.

11. And finally, let's all learn a lesson from Logic_Nom's friend: If you're going to quit your job, you might as well do it right.

Had a buddy who worked at Target about 5-6 years ago. He had had his fill of the job and was intending to put in a two week notice, but he really wanted to go out in epic fashion (His own words) So anyway, an old lady came over to him and asked how much a glass container cost? He walked it over to his station, scanned it, looked incredibly shocked and screamed....IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then proceeded to smash the glass container on the ground.

He then stormed off, removing his shirt and never came back.