Getting rejected from a job can be tough. No one knows this better than 18-year-old Megan Dixon of Leicester, UK, who received an unnecessarily cruel rejection text from an interviewer the moment after she left a meeting with her.


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According to Mashable, Dixon interviewed for a position at Miller and Carter Steakhouse on Tuesday. One minute after leaving the interview, she received a particularly brutal rejection text from the branch’s assistant manager, Shantel Wesson.


Ouch. Not to mention that Wesson made fun of Dixon's language and didn't even use the right kind of "were." Those with bad grammar should not throw stones, lady.

Dixon also added that the interviewer was unprepared and her phone was going off throughout the interview— behavior that she called "so unprofessional."


The tweet quickly went viral, and it would seem that the entire internet is just as pissed as Dixon is.

However, management insists that the text was sent to Dixon on accident, and that Wesson was not just providing some unsolicited, brutally honest, emoji-laden feedback.


"We can't apologize enough to Megan," a spokesperson for Miller and Carter told The Sun. "It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate."

Yeah, that doesn't make it much better. Will Dixon accept this apology from the restaurant? Well, we can't be certain, but we are pretty sure "it's a no x."