You've complained about your landlord. But in the depths of various AskReddit threads on the Internet, they're complaining about you right back. Hopefully you're not the subject of one of the following rants, because that would mean you're a disgusting, filthy hoarder of your own poop.

Or worse. You're a cat lady.

1. Oldenoughtono isn't sure what's worse: kiddie pools or live chickens.

Buddy of mine owned a 3 story house. Got a call from the 2nd floor tenants that water was coming though his roof. He went to the 3rd floor and when the tenants opened the door he could see one of those blow up swimming pools in the living room. Not the little ones mind you but one of the big 24 inch deep ones. As if this wasn't shocking enough, the tenant had also removed all the kitchen cabinet doors and replaced them with chicken wire and had a dozen chickens living in them.