I saved a bunch of rent money by living in what's essentially a closet, but you don't see me bragging about it.

A great scene to ignore while you play on your phone. (via Twitter)

Sam Cookney ran into the same problem anyone runs into living in a big, popular city like London: His rent was too high. So high, in fact, that he tweeted he could live in Barcelona and commute to work for less than the amount of money he's paying to live in London:

Everyone thought he was joking, but he took to his personal blog to hash out the budgets for living in both cities. He realized that by living in Barcelona and taking cheap flights to London, he could save 387€ (around 400 bucks) a month and have a bigger space to himself. So after his lease ran out, he said goodbye to his shared London flat and moved into a two-bedroom Barcelona flat with a rooftop terrace. He commutes five and a half hours a day, traveling by train, plane, and foot. Even though the journey seems pretty terrible, Cookney says that it's "surprisingly easy and seamless." He runs in the morning before his flight and then naps on the plane. He even has time for a "Pret coffee and bacon and cheese croissant en route." Here are some pics from his commute:

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