When women are at work, they often feel like they are not taken seriously as people around them are focused on women's looks and other sexist nonsense. Well, it's like that looking for work too, with creepers using LinkedIn, the job-seeking and resume-stalking site, doing the online equivalent of catcalling

Redditor flaim_trees posted an exchange she stumbled upon, rightfully titled, "This sh*t happens on LinkedIn too."

LinkedIn is about professionalism and being flooded with emails, guy!


Plus, going on to call the person who criticizes you "so sensitive" isn't a good look either.

Getting a "so pretty" from a stranger on a website for networking is precisely the kind of thing that makes women feel uncomfortable and like they're not being taken seriously.

Women all around have been getting similar messages when all they want to do is publicize their credentials for the next great gig.


Men really need to step up and focus on their work, not this trivial stuff like women's beauty.

With his LinkedIn profile up, this dude will likely be offered a job in the White House any second now.