In our newest installment of "don't piss off your food handler," we bring you reddit user COTAnerd, who describes his revenge on an entitled jerk.

As COTAnerd tells it, McDonald's was the first job he got, and was only a 16-year-old kid when an irate customer "stormed through the door."

They screamed at me about part of their order being messed up and it being cold after they'd driven 10 minutes to get home. After verbally degrading me and treating me like less than human, they demanded I replace the order (fine) and give them a free soft serve in a cone for all their trouble (not fine).

I do as he says, but I'm totally pissed about a 30 odd year old man enjoying a power trip over someone half their age when I hadn't been the one who messed up their order and his food wouldn't have been cold if he'd eaten it right away like you're supposed to.


Just like a crying baby to ask for ice cream, right? Fortunately, COTAnerd was bent on not letting him get away with it.

So I replace his food and grab his ice-cream. But when I turn my back to fill up the cone, I crush it ever so slightly so that the bottom part of the cone loses almost all its structural integrity, but it holds its shape. I also choose not to include any napkins in his bag.

I handed him his food and ice-cream and watched as he turned away. He wasn't even out the door before I heard the cone smush fully in his hand and his noise of disgust as he quickly tries to stop the leaking ice-cream getting all over him. But it gets everywhere. As he left, I saw him toss his ice-cream in the bin and shake off the excess ice-cream. Since he thought it was his own fault, he couldn't come back in and whinge at me.

Hope you enjoyed your sticky fingers, arse wipe. I certainly did.


Yuuuuuup. If there's anything we've learned from fast-food worker's confessions, it's never piss off someone who is underpaid and touches your food.