Michael Scott—he's more than just a character from The Office. His essence is a lifestyle, unintentionally emulated by authorities in offices across the world. If you know a Michael Scott that outranks you, your best hope is to become his Dwight Schrute.

These anecdotes from people on Reddit about their very own Michael Scotts are hilarious. Plus, they're the perfect opportunity to use all these gifs that have been lying around the Someecards office for the past few months.


1. Fartjarrington knows the harmless version of Michael Scott.

My old boss said if we made a sales goal she would record a rap video specific to us as a prize.

Ever heard "Electric City"?
Ever heard "Electric City"?

2. TheMcRibIsALie demonstrates the more sinister side of Mr. Scott.

My boss gave herself an award and proceeded to show it off to everyone higher up than her.

3. This boss of RainmanEOD seems almost too mean to be Michael Scott, but counts it anyway.

My boss once gave me a certificate that a teacher would give a child in grade school with a rainbow on it that said congratulations. He even went out and bought crayons just so he could write "for not fucking up for one week" in why block on the bottom of the certificate in green crayon. That bitch was pinned to the wall above my computer till I went to my next base.

To paraphrase Kanye, every Michael need a Stanley.
To paraphrase Kanye, every Michael need a Stanley.

4. Now here's a true Michael Scott. Cletus_Jorobado should have written for the show.

To boost morale, he put out a "Smile Box." It was a cardboard box filled with 100 $1bills. People were allowed to take a dollar, but they had to stand there and smile for 60 seconds. He believed this would make people happier.

The box was empty in a matter of hours. Everyone was still miserable. The box disappeared the next day.

5. GsoSmooth thinks she's got the clumsiest Michael Scott around, but commenters think he's on drugs.

He has fallen asleep while speaking with me and signing some paperwork. Then when I woke him, played it off like nothing happened.

Regularly spills coffee all over himself.

Hung up on his daughter while she was telling him over the phone she was accepted to medical school, with nothing more than an 'OK. bye'.

Gets out of confrontational conversations with other department heads and clients by mumbling incoherently or with irrelevant statements. They usually don't know how to respond and he just sort of slinks out of it.

The list goes on...

Edit: I said the list goes on and it does. These aren't all Michael Scott-like things... just.... quirks.

He's not a fan of headsets. Doesn't like how they feel. Has fairly loud conference calls in our open concept office.

Almost constantly looks disheveled. Shirt buttons misaligned (or not all buttoned), pants tucked into socks, suit jacket collar folded under itself, fly undone, etc.

Regularly spills yogurt on himself.

Forgets that he told you to do something, then gets irritated when you do that thing.

Sometimes responds to generic company wide emails with reply all. Often providing hilarious and personal information to approx.1000 people. Awhile back he informed everyone of his plate number and car model when reminded to update parking info with reception.

Once got a bit tipsy at a company afternoon soirée/meet and greet after having two cups of wine. We witnessed him then stare at his untied shoe for a solid two minutes.

Edit 2: guys, he's not an alcoholic or an addict. Stop telling me he is.


6. This is why you don't want to be the Pam, à la kisboring.

My former boss never had me do any 'work' related work. I have booked him dancing lessons, drove around the state looking for soup that didn't exist, created schedules for the basketball team he coached, shopped for ridiculous things for him etc. it was a GREAT job to have during college but I didn't learn a damn thing except for how to deal with a pain in the ass lol. He also would tell me to tell clients he was at meetings but really he was at sporting events or some other fun thing. The man never worked.

Great job for doing nothing.
Great job for doing nothing.

7. SulliedVoice saw the perks of being Michael Scott up close. The perks are cake.

My former boss just got a promotion and left our workplace. He bought HIMSELF a going away full sized sheet cake, 18" x 24", 80 servings. He cut off a small corner at his going away party and then proceeded to close the cake box and take home the other 79 servings instead of sharing any of it with anyone. He was a really good boss and I will miss him but that was pretty typical of him too.


8. Ah, but how could you forget the sad Michael Scott? From timeforknowledge.

Invited about 15 people over for a cookout (all of which RSVP'd) and 2 showed up.

9. Myaccount2202 fancies himself a real Jim.

He put a fake severed head in my bottom desk drawer and watched me from the corner of the room to see if it scared me. I just looked up (in a very Jim way) and blinked a few times and then closed the drawer. The look on his face was pure defeat. He was actually upset it didn't scare me, like that's all he thought about the night before and I completely ruined his day.

Is this you?
Is this you?