Oh my god this bizarre computer potato is the best app I have ever seen.

Oh my god this bizarre computer potato is the best app I have ever seen.

The Electric Love Potato is like a life coach, if that life coach sat on your computer screen and also was a pixelated potato and was also my new favorite thing.


It's like Clippy, but potatoier. (via Game Jolt)

I like weird things that simply exist, unexplained. Experiencing these things always feels like uncovering a bit of treasure to me — a tiny shipwreck with no context of when or where it's from, but still magical to explore.

That is why I am obsessed with a digital potato.

The Electric Love Potato was created by artist and game designer Nathalie Lawhead, who describes it thusly: "Electric Love Potato is a virtual potato desktop assistant that offers positive reinforcement, serenades you as you work, and creates random potato recipes."

This monitor-tethered potato will not make you more productive. It will probably make you less productive. It's large and distracting. In less than 10 minutes, it asked if it could sing at me or give me a recipe at least six times.



And it doesn't take requests, either. (via Electric Love Potato)

However, if you like weird things or are mentally broken in the way where you crave constant positive reinforcement, this potato is the perfect friend for you! Here are some of the things it said to me:

  • "You're so good."
  • "Thank you so much for letting me be your potato widget."
  • "I wish I could be your chair to sit on. I want you sit sit on me."
  • "You're doing great."
  • "If you took a bite out of me, I would still feel whole." (I'm stealing this one for my eventual wedding vows.)

You can download the Electric Love Potato for free from Game Jolt.