People share the most unethical things their bosses have asked of them. H.R. can't help you now.

People share the most unethical things their bosses have asked of them. H.R. can't help you now.

As an employee, one of the most basic rules is that you should always listen to your boss. But you've gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

A new AskReddit thread prompted the following question: "What is the most unethical thing you have ever been asked to do by your employer?" And people responded with answers so deeply immoral that you'll find yourself being grateful the most unethical thing your boss ever makes you do is back date a check every now and then.

Here are 16 stories of the world's most unethical bosses.

1. Frerky5 confirmed our suspicions that technical support isn't always what it seems.

Lie to customers to lure them into what was basically a scam.

The job was "technical customer support", we were supposed to help people with real problems, turned more and more into a sales job with the problemsolving being an important sidenote.

"Oh the phone you received doesn't work? Well I'm sorry, here, have this crap that will cost you money after a month for free. No I don't have time to solve your issue Sir, I have another customer. Please try turning it off and on again. Bye."


2. If you've ever thought your professor was trying to screw you over, bl1y's story just might make you think were right.

I teach a college class that's part of the core curriculum and where you're required to get at least a C (73%) to pass. If you get a C- or D, you have to retake the class.

The head of the department told us that if a student is getting a C- or D we should just go ahead and give them an F to avoid dealing with them asking to have their grade adjusted up to a C.

3. ConstantChaos1's boss really doesn't understand how companies are supposed to work.

To withhold the pay of new employees without telling them. He planned on giving it to them after 12 months so that they would stay with the company. But failed to tell them that before they were hired.


4. Madamecoco had to put her Photoshop skills to questionable use.

Photoshop tires of a tractor (one tire is worth about 3000€) so they look demolished and the boss could get a second set of tires for free.

5. Bodymindisoneword couldn't go through with this inhumane request. It was a good call.

We were going through a major renovation. I am talking over a million dollar renovation.

Animal Hospital.

We had strays and they were never a problem, however at the time we were getting by just barely...

Some wonderful person dumps a cat i.e. leaves it outside in a carrier near the front door.

My boss asked me to take the cat out back and let it loose (as in let it become a street cat).

I couldn't do it.


6. Apparently jeans can be bad for you. Vividlyvisceral's boss didn't seem to care.

Worked in clothing retail. Some of our jeans were found to contain carcinogenic dye, and we had to box them up and put them in the back room until we could send them away. No problem. We put away like, four, maybe five boxes.
Almost a year goes by and those jeans are still out there. Finally head office sends through a list of instructions on how to label them in order to send them away.

Thing is, the instructions are really sketchy. They weren't sent using the official HO email, and they explicitly tell us not to inform the delivery driver what is in the boxes, that we can't use the usual delivery labels we use, and not to write anything about 'RECALL' or 'HAZARD' or anything of the sort on the box.

Anyway, delivery driver rocks up and he immediately knows what's up because we aren't using the labels we're meant to be using. He tells us he can't take the boxes, and we say fine. We're casual. The boxes sit there a bit longer and our area administrator gets on us to force the delivery guy to take the boxes.

I do a little research. Carcinogenic jeans aren't meant to be transported in the regular delivery truck, our company has got to pay for a different service because they're classed as hazardous material. The company wanted to save money on the products they'd already lost money on by sending it through the regular delivery channels.

Eventually the area administrator had to come in and pick them up himself. I wish I had told the delivery driver so he could've reported the company to his company.


7. Badman2 really lives up to his username.

Owner of restaurant had me (dishwasher) and a line cook break into another employees residence to look for stolen items from the restaurant. Search came back negative.

8. KiltedLady's boss is a great example of what having literally zero compassion looks like.

I worked at a coffee shop where the owner said in a meeting that we were to kick out any homeless people. I wanted to clarify (for the newer staff there) and said, "just the ones that hang around all night and don't buy anything, if they want to buy a coffee and warm up it's fine."

No, she wanted us to kick out anyone who looked homeless because it didn't look good having them in the store, even if they wanted to buy something.

My store kept serving our regulars, regardless of where they had to sleep at night.


9. In case you didn't know how dangerous working in a factory could be, apleima2 is here to prove it to you.

I program and install robots and other machines used in factories. Though not my employer, the number of customers requesting safety features be removed is astounding. No, you can't operate the robot at normal operating speed with the guard doors open. It can crush someone in the blink of an eye, literally.

It isn't just international countries with lax worker protection laws. Safety in a lot of US factories is often overlooked for efficiency's sake.


10. If you've ever noticed that ATMs have different fees, Hamsternoir is here to tell you why. (It's pretty fucked.)

Many years ago I worked for a bank that was at the time having a big expansion of ATMs into small shops, we had a database that worked out where those on low incomes were most likely, how close other machines were etc then put in small notes and charged a higher rate for transactions. In more affluent areas there wasn't a charge at all.

I was supposed to be the one who decided which charged and which didn't to basically screw the poor.

11.CursesandMutterings' boss missed the memo that the 1950s are over.

I was working for a digital marketing company once upon a time. I headed up the AdWords and Analytics department, so I had a pretty good amount of responsibility. I worked on the accounts of literally all our clients.

I'm an attractive lady. One day, a potential client was going to stop by. My boss wanted to impress him, so made me sit at the front desk and pretend to be the secretary.


12. Justice was served to beardingmesoftly's boss.

Sell a $1500 furnace (installation included) for $5000 to a old lady because she'll never know she's being ripped off.

Funny side note, that guy is in jail for money laundering and embezzlement now.

13. In case Donald Trump hasn't convinced you yet, AngeloMonharti's boss proves racism is alive and well. :(

If the name on the resumé doesnt sound white, just throw it out.

14. And trebuchetfight's boss proves sexism is alive and well, too. :(

Ugh. I had a boss who asked me to start interviewing new applicants, "but no more women..." he said. He seemed to even struggle with the concept that his request would be illegal.


15. Ganglebot thought he was nailing a job interview–turns out, it wasn't the answer the boss was looking for.

At a job interview I was asked, "How would you rate your comfort level with breaking the law?" I said, "I don't know - 1, zero - whatever the lowest option is. I'm not going to do it." That was the end of the interview.

16. And finally, CinnamonBunBun's story will give you nightmares every time you eat out from now on.

Worked in a restaurant. A server dropped a plate of food, my boss saw and made her pick it all up, put it on a new plate and serve it.