The staff of the Rufus T Firefly, a pub in Glasgow, Scotland, decided to have some fun at the expense of a guy who may not be a regular customer, but is certainly regular. After noticing that a certain well-dressed man would come in at least three days a week after work, head straight to the bathroom, and leave immediately while avoiding eye contact, manager Will Jamieson decided to reach out to him the only way he could: on the pub's chalkboard.

Does this count as scotland by the roadside? 😀...Rufus T firefly, hope Street, Glasgow.

Posted by Jamie Mckechnie on Friday, November 18, 2016

The sign reads:

To the guy who keeps coming in to do a wee jobby without buying anything then pretends to be on his phone on the road out to avoid eye contact, hiya pal!

For anyone not familiar with Scottish euphemisms, a "wee jobby" means a bowel movement, which makes this guy's crime so much more heinous.

But despite how harshly he called out this serial pooper, Jamieson insists that the sign was just a light-hearted gag. He told the Morning Advertiser:


It was a joke at the expense of bad etiquette … There's no issue. If somebody needs to use the toilet then I'm not going to stop them. We thought we'd put it on the board, he'll see it but at the same time it doesn't give his identity away to anyone else. It was a wee joke to that one particular individual. We've never told anyone that they can't use the toilet.

And Jamieson never intended the sign to go viral on the internet, but of course it has. Someone unaffiliated with the pub shared an image on the popular Facebook page Scotland by the Roadside, where it has received more than 2,000 likes. It has also vastly elevated the Rufus T Firefly's online presence, as Jamieson explained.


In terms of our social media traffic it's blown up big time. The phone goes every five minutes with people following us on Twitter and Instagram, liking us on Facebook and checking in.

This might be more bad news for the Wee Jobby Bandit. Will he keep frequenting the pub once there's a line for the bathroom? It seems like he doesn't like to wait.