If you're kicking ass at your job, it's easy to feel you're immune to consequences. It's not like you'll just get fired for anything, right?! Wrong. If you make a big enough mistake, you can always get canned. The following stories are from employers and employees on Reddit who saw their company's best workers get the sack.

They read, for the most part, like a list of the 10 Commandments. Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet sex in the office, and definitely thou shalt not commit murder. And if you do, thou shalt not let your boss find out about it.


1. Buckeyelegend44 explains one offense you cannot solve with overtime.

He was one of my best weekend workers...dependable, always on time, really good at his job. I got a call from my management on a July 4th saying "We are going to need to find a replacement for name"

I say "why, did he find a better job"

My management "No, he was arrested for murder last night"

So lets just say I didn't have the chance to fire him. I was dumbfounded when I got that call

2. TupacSchwartzODoyle has almost the exact opposite story.

Had a great waiter, Robert, fucker could run circles around the entire staff. He knew the kitchen as well, could jump in at prep and assist if we got backed up AND STILL tend to his tables.

Dumbass put a $3 bottle of White Zinfandel in his backpack, right in front of a security camera AND while the owner was sitting at the bar eating. He was a student and working part time he had to be bringing in $300-500 in cash a week.


3. Loughia's employee was simply too energetic.

Retail management - 3rd shift, stocking/loading crew. We stock the floor, and load the return truck to the warehouse with outside orders/store transfers. He was a fucking beast. He would finish his entire set for the night, and would have the truck loaded BY HIMSELF before lunch break.

Meth. He was on meth. So. Yeah.

4. This guy wants you to watch out for traps. Your boss hates you.

Corporate set a trap, and baited him into stealing.

He was a great guy, fun and interesting. Easy to get along with. He would volunteer to take the early shifts and open the store. He'd receive the new inventory and stock the shelves himself. His cash was always correct and he never did anything wrong, until he did.

One morning he opened the new stock shipment, and loaded the shelves. There was an extra item in the box that wasn't listed on the manifest. The correct procedure was to add it to inventory, and put it on the shelf. He instead opted to claim it wasn't there, and took it home. The perfect crime, right?

I had to fire him the next day. And it sucked.


5. Thou shalt not covet thy employer's daughter, says temkofirewing.

I had joined the company a few months prior, was still getting to know the various details of my job and this guy was the star of the company. I spent as much time working with him as i could honestly.

I mean, he was the fucking star. He was a solid programmer, great project manager, awesome account and customer management skills and he had a knack for thinking outside the box on creative solutions.

He loved working there, had rejected offers from google, Facebook and pinterest (that i know of!).

...and then he fucked the directors 16 year old daughter (Age of consent is 16 here) he was 31.



6. AJKettles says no stealing. Not even a pen.

Work in retail. One of the staff from checkouts was amazing and would come up and help in our cafe constantly.

She was fast, friendly with customers and we would get so many compliments and we asked if we could have her up here permanently. She stole a pen. Security had her on camera, fired immediately.

EDIT: pen was a fancy pen, packaged on shelf to be sold. She was right under the security camera stealing it, security saw, told higher management and I don't really think stealing, regardless what of, can just be ignored. I believe they probably did it to scare employees like "this is what happens if you steal"


7. Raspberries-Are-Evil hates Dell even more than delicious fruit.

I used to work for Dell back in 1998-2000 in their sales department. This is juuuuuust right before people ordered online so it was still a call center. To make a REALLY long story short, I was one of their best sales reps. Top 3 every month, I was making about $5,000 a week as a 23 year old. They decided to replace me (and most of my team) with "temps" making $11 an hour an no commissions-- only I didn't know this. I was given a "great opportunity" to train a new class of incoming sales people. Little did I know I was training our replacements. Once they hit the floor and were running, they fired me and about 200 other sales people. Fuck Dell. Oh, then a few years later even the temps got fired so they could move all those jobs to a call center in India.


8. Shahata_Joe knows a lot of terrible people.

Not me, but I was working In retail, and one of the customer service guys was being groomed for management. He'd been there for a while, was trusted to count money and with the safe combination, opened if managers couldn't, ect.

He was a cool black guy (his race is important to the story) but a bit cocky and arrogant. My cousin also worked there. Who was also cocky and arrogant.

Anyway, my cousin put in his two weeks, but wasn't being a bad employee. My cousin didn't like the soon-to-be-manager (because they were pretty similar in a lot ways, and they clashed because of it). On my cousins last week, unprovoked, he approaches the guy and says "you look like a BIG BLACK dildo."

The guy walks up to my cousin, puts his finger to his head and says "do YOU have a problem with me?"

It ended there with my cousin walking away...then reporting he was threatened. Because a finger made contact, the guy was fired. My cousin was a dick and didn't regret it and laughed about it with my other friends. Who were also dicks.


9. And spookycamphero explains why you trust nobody, especially your manager.

Top manager for retail job I worked at "lost" her keys to the store that also had the keys to all the registers on the key ring. The registers started going short or would be empty aside from the change and dollar bills in the drawer. This went on for months. Corporate found out after installing a new set of security cameras overnight without her knowledge.

She enlisted a group of sales associates to do most of the dirty work but they found out she was the ringleader when they found out all the sales associates would bring her the stolen money and she would dole it out after taking her cut.