An unidentified restaurant is stirring up a whole pot of controversy on Reddit with an incredibly insulting "agreement" forced on its entire staff. The contract was posted to the site by user 00generic, who captioned it: "Not sure where to post. My cousin's job just asked her to sign this and fired an employee who refused." Even if you've never worked in the service industry, this thing will make your blood boil.

This is how revolutions start.
This is how revolutions start.

The contract reads:


My name is _______ I agree to pay these amounts of money:

If I have my phone out during working hours.

-1st time – $2.00
-2nd time – $5.00
-3rd time – $10.00

When I give the male customer straws (give only if they ask)

-1st time – $.025
-2nd time – $0.50
-3rd time – $0.75

If I do not get my side work check by one of my co-worker

-1st time – $5.00
-2nd time – $10.00
-3rd time – $20.00

If I do not say "hi" or "bye" to the customers

-Each time will be a $1.00

I have read and fully understand the agreement up top:

Date: _______
Sign: _______


Redditors agreed: this is bogus and probably illegal. But many of them had the same question: what's with the straws?

Maybe they use gold straws? I got nothing.
Maybe they use gold straws? I got nothing.

This has to be among the top 4,000 most disgusting things to ever happen in a restaurant. Servers deserve more respect than this. Anyone who has to stand for five hours without dropping their smile should be able to bring straws to whoever they want.