Some very smart people who love numbers over at Bloomberg News did a statistical analysis of the world's billionaires and the countries they live in to ask themselves this pertinent question: could the richest person in a single country ever become a real-life Robin Hood? Or to put it another way, if the richest person distributed all their wealth evenly to everyone in the lowest economic bracket of their country, would it even make a difference?

Here's how they did it:

We took a spattering of 42 countries with radically different demographics and economies, then compared the wealthiest individuals to the percentage of the populations living in poverty. By the way, only in Chile, the Netherlands, France and Australia is the richest person a woman.
The index shows how the net worth of each country’s wealthiest person compares to the livelihood of his fellow countrymen by calculating the lump sum in dollars each person living in poverty would get if the assets of the richest citizen were liquidated and redistributed. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index and the CIA World Factbook were our reference points.

Sources: Bloomberg Business