In all seriousness, though... you suck, Google intern, and we hate you. (via)

A recently-finished Google intern went on reddit this weekend and submitted this photo of all the cool free stuff he got for taking Uber rides to fetch coffee for entitled programmers. This inspired a lot of responses, some fueled by envy, most fueled by humor, about what other people got from their internships with (for the most part) less-generous organizations. There were one or two interns who also got impressive hauls, though, most notably the person from Microsoft who was clearly being bribed not to go over to Google:


Downside: wearing any of these changes your default browser to  Internet Explorer. (via)

Then, some people posted the free stuff they earned from internships at places you'd really think would have better gear, like the US Congress and the video game company EA:

Even on the floor, this mug is higher than Congress' approval rating. (via)

Don't worry! You can download more items of swag for $15 each! (via)

A disgruntled intern from Apple insisted they got nothing, although commenters preferred to imagine this is a sneak peak at a giant new iPhone:

And here I was thinking this was a commentary on Foxconn conditions. Dumb me! (via)

After that, however, most of the responses were jokes, and it was officially (if briefly) a meme. Here's one from an "intern" at everyone's least-favorite customer-torturing company, Comcast:

I heard Comcast is going to reduce the flow to just a drip unless you pay more. (via)

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