Imgur user Trollgent1 has a day job as the manager of a sex/smoke shop, and he wants you to know it's not as glamorous as it looks. He took to Imgur to share all the harsh realities of life in the butt plug and bong business. His revelations are sure to make you think twice the next time you want to complain that your sex swing didn't come with a stud finder. He covers topics like…


we don't do them. We will never do them. We can't do them. Every week I see someone come in holding black bags and I start shaking my head visibly at them knowing they won't like what I am gonna say. "NO, I do not care if you were only gone 2 hours. It says it right at the register and I even told you and made sure your toy worked." We don't want it back and you are a idiot for asking or trying.



Language is everything it tells me what you want, but when you ask for it for weed or you need detox because you "need to pass a drug test", you are automatically refused all service. I have had quite a few people scream at me, threaten corporate, to have my job removed, or to "blast us on facebook". Good luck I don't give a shit because why would people defend you for doing illegal crap?


Customer Relations

I am very average looking but even I get hit on A LOT. I am taken with a girlfriend and I don't touch customers. They have tried to touch me. They even ask me to fit them in the fitting room. Everytime I do I always feel like shit is going to go down. No thank you....I'm good. But I secretly do find it flattering from men or women.

Head on over to Trollgent1's post to read his full list of tales, including how meth heads are the politest customers of all. And stay tuned for Part 2, which should be coming soon. Let's hope it includes a section on cleanup.