All is fair in love and keeping order in the break room.

You could have just said "stop stealing my yogurt." No need to thin-brag, Daniel. (via)


Adults are basically just children who've grown fat, watched their dreams die, and learned to shrink from confrontation. So it follows that the modern workplace is just as petty and territorial as your typical elementary school playground, except there's a lot less spitting and hair-pulling, and a lot more bitchy note-writing. The most successful workplace notes strive to entertain just as much as they impolitely advise and chastise, and the notes collected here are some of the best of the medium.

Is this person a philosopher? Because suddenly it all makes sense. (via)

A good workplace requires optimists and pessimists working together. (via)

This next one is a whole album, but I promise you'll enjoy it:

There's always money in the funny Internet pictures (no, there's not). (via)

People with good senses of humor who don't complain keep HR relatively sane. (via)

A good, warm, well-seasoned home. (via)

Technically true, but I try not to complain about free TP at work. Unless it's too rough to take home with me. (via)

Updated 2/5/15:

Hate when people beat around the bush. Say what you feel! (Via)

A malfunctioning copy machine to gives you lots of time to compose beautiful verse. (Via)

Maybe Lil' Bub can offer some microwave cleaning suggestions as well. (Via)

Is that a hint? (Via)

But I need to be in the one place where I can be alone. (Via)

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