This cubicle is not my home. My home is my home, and this cubicle is a three-walled low-security prison where I secretly look at Facebook.

"This reminds me of being home. By which I mean, this reminds me of wanting to be home and not here." (via Thinkstock)

We all understand that working in an office is pretty unnatural — the lighting, the extended periods of time sitting and staring at screens, the lack of outdoor air, etc. But all of us office workers are also complicit in a massive ruse wherein we tell each other that working in an office is just fine. It's like when a child asks a group of adults what a blow job is, and all of the adults fully agree that it's a job working on a wind farm. Except instead of lying to a kid, we lie to each other, agreeing that making our cubes feel like home is a good idea instead of screaming, running outside, and burying our faces in the first lawn we can find (or drought-resistant succulent patch, if you're in Southern California).