Dislike your job? As these "benefits" show, it could be worse.

"Oh, great! Office meditation! In our suits! Together! This sure isn't weird. Nope. Not weird at all." (via Thinkstock)

This week, the Society for Human Resource Management (aka the Society for People Who Use Terms Like "Thought Leadership") released its annual benefits survey. Respondents reported what, if any, benefits their company added or removed in the last year, thus giving you a reminder of how much your employer sucks (or, if you work at one of the 2% of responding companies with unlimited paid time off, how awesome your employer is).

I don't mean to be entirely dismissive of the survey — one good piece of news from it is that workplace benefits are, overall, up from last year. And some jobs are offering really cool perks, like helping pay off your student loans (3%), paying for spouse travel expenses (6%), or buying employees computers for personal use (5%). That said, some of the benefits offered are odd or just straight-up depressing. And obviously, those are the ones I really want to tell you about.

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