On Sunday, a Canadian illustrator known as Aryll tweeted an exchange she had with a "fan" who wanted a custom drawing for free.

It started out friendly enough. A user complimented Aryll's work and asked for a custom drawing. (Aryll chose not to reveal their username.)

Fan: Hi! I just wanted to say your art is AMAZING, omg. You're the greatest, so I was wondering if you could draw something for me? :D

Aryll: Hey there! First of all, thank you so much for the compliment. However, my commissions aren't actually open right now so I won't be able to accept one from you. Sorry!

Fan: Awww...but I wasn't asking for commission. I meant just a drawing.

Aryll: I generally don't take work from strangers for free.

Aryll: Commissions are drawings, too. Again, Im sorry.

Fan: I'm sorry but that's stupid. If someone is asking for art from you you should be thankful to them because they like your work! I like your work a lot and I'm trying to help you get more business

Fan: You're turning down an opportunity for more people to see your art