23 ways to laugh at your office now that "The Office" is over.

23 ways to laugh at your office now that "The Office" is over.


Let them know how little you care with a thoughtful ecard.

So The Office ended but yours is still soldiering on. We're sorry. There are still plenty of sadly hilarious (and hilariously sad) things about working in a sterile, fluorescent-lit, mind-numbingly tedious prison. We've put together this list to make the 8 hours you spend putting off doing work fly by faster. Don't get caught sharing these on Facebook and Twitter and remember not to use your real name when you complain about your job on a card of your very own.



Don't you feel better now?



"Blaming others for your shortcomings" counts as a people skill!



For when there's more work to do and you don't want to do it, so really anytime.



AKA "The American Dream."




Just go ahead and put this one up outside your cubicle while you still have a job.



Number one on your to-do list.



Misery loves whatever company you work for.




You just have to keep up the act until retirement.



We usually drink our lunch. We also have our lunch for breakfast.



"How to I bill 'trying not to vomit'?"



Just go ahead and hang this one on the wall of the conference room.




Everyone knows someone to send this card to.



Time to start going to Workaholics Anonymous.



The bathroom is for hiding to eat your lunch so you don't have to talk to anyone.




So you can browse someecards all day, right?



There's a special place in hell for those who prolong meetings and it's almost as bad as a meeting.



We've already used up all our fat days for the year.



Nothing like a passive aggressive insincere apology to get on your boss's good side.




At this rate, you'll be bitching about people at happy hour in no time!



On the other hand, getting a paper cut is enough to ruin the month.



Hopefully your boss is as tired of pretending to look at a spreadsheet as you are.




That's where we hide it too!


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