"Would I do it again? Not unless I could actually sleep this time. I don't feel rested at all."

We've all faked minor things to get out of work, like colds, fevers, Judaism, or having more dead grandparents than an account in Utah. This genius tied herself up in a car and told cops she had been carjacked at gunpoint and held hostage while he bought drugs (because, you know, drug addicts love company for that). Unfortunately, she had lottery tickets with the time printed on them in the car, which led to them checking the footage of her shopping at 7-11, which led to her admitting she just wanted attention. Mixing your desire for attention and your desire to disappear for a day is a really bad idea. What did you think they would ask the next day? "Oh hi, Sheila, how was your abduction?" "You know, horrifying and PTSD-inducing." "Aw, that sucks. Well, we all signed a card and got you these donuts. I'm sure everyone will want to casually discuss this terrible event with you and give you respect forever. Feel free to take a long weekend."

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