A woman lucky enough to enjoy the borderline free labor of an intern was also lazy enough to risk a few seconds of bare boob to readjust her bra while he left the room. Yes, the tale from Reddit's "Today I Fucked Up" subreddit went exactly as you know it went.

"Tifu by having a nip slip in front of my intern'

Tifu about 5 seconds ago. I noticed this morning that one side of my bra was drastically tighter than the other and it had really been bothering me. I casually tried to adjust it at my desk but that just wasn't cutting it. So, I did what all intellegent people would do, I waited until my intern left the office and quickly slipped off that side of my dress and strap to readjust. My intern walked in about the time I got everything uncovered. I saw the look of confusion, then recognition of the situation, then pure, unadulterated embarrassment as he ran from the room. In hindsight I probably should have just gone to the's just all the way down the hall and I'm stupendous lazy We are just really pretending it didn't happen but still can't manage to look each other in the eyes.

Moral is, don't be lazy and show your nip to your intern.