We all have complicated relationships with our jobs, but like all relationships, some of them are healthy and help both partners grow over time, and others are dysfunctional and manipulative, leaving one person feeling trapped. When someone asked people on reddit, "What work moment made your attitude go from proud employee to "I'm just here for the paycheck"?" the results were enlightening, amusing, and depressing all at once. If you're an employee, keep an eye out for these red flags in your own workplace life, and if you're a boss, for the love of all that is good, please don't be like these awful, awful superiors.


1. This story is so universal, there's probably a version of it in the Old Testament.

2. This man is a hero to customers everywhere. Naturally, bosses hates him. 

3. How to use (terrible) bonuses to (de)motivate people.

4. "Oh, you have a skill none of the other employees possess? Let's completely isolate you and make it really weird."


5. Let us travel back in time to an era where RadioShack was an exciting (and existing) place to work.

6. Did you know that major coffee chain employees were once actually invested in helping their brands grow?

7. Management tip: If you can't (or won't) pay more than minimum wage, at least don't be insulting about it.

8. Fun Fact: CEOs are four times as likely as the general public to be clinical psychopaths.


9. The moral of this story is "don't be good at your job if you want to be successful."

10. Do: stand up for yourself. Do not: attempt cheesy walk-off lines.

11. How managers can create (dis)loyal employees and achieve a huge (negative) turnaround in productivity by being strict(ly a jerk) about the rules, Part 1.

12. How managers can create (dis)loyal employees and achieve a huge (negative) turnaround in productivity by being strict(ly a jerk) about the rules, Part 2.


13. When you ask the company to blow some cool air and find out they're blowing hot air in response.

14. This is rage-inducing enough that it could be hazardous to health—or the makings of a great TV show.

15. "You have to run the store yourself...hey, why isn't your store doing well?"

16. Being a good cop seems really frustrating. Sorry, good cops.

17. Ever wonder why so many companies have terrible Twitter accounts?


18. Strap in, kids, it's very-frustrating-story time.

19. Here's the most-recently-disillusioned employee in North America.

20. Finally, we have one employee who put all these lessons into action: don't do more than you have to if your boss will never acknowledge it.

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Sources: redditor rblanc00