Here's how to tell if your company is about to go up in flames.

Here's how to tell if your company is about to go up in flames.

Companies die all the time, but if your company didn't just publicly lose all of its money in a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan, it isn't always easy to know if yours will be next. Below are 11 telltale signs that your company is a sinking ship, as provided by the people of Reddit. Of course, if you clicked on this to see if any of them apply to your company, odds are you're already doomed.

1. ​DeadCatsDoBounce says to keep an eye on the petty perks.

Taking away inexpensive perks like free coffee.

2. ​diamondeath warns to beware of the soul-stealers.

Strangers taking pictures of everything.

When asked we were told it was for insurance purposes when in fact it was for real estate listings.

3. ​McFlynder says to be suspicious of a friendly boss.

The boss turns manipulative to prevent employees from quitting (tries to make friends with them and tells them they're needed to keep the company going).

4. ​OfficePsycho notes that an object (or employee) at rest stays at rest.

Those in leadership positions taking unexpected vacations or other paid leave all around the same time. My last employer before college notified management of the impending closure of the site, but lower-grade workers were not, for fear that they would steal from the company or sabotage work in their final days. All of management virtually disappeared from the site in the weeks before the closure, so paid leave wouldn't be lost.

5. Also from OfficePsycho—if the chairs are gone, you're next.

The sudden disappearance of items from the office. The lower-ranked folk at the job from example #1 may have been seen as would-be thieves by the head office, but the day before the closure management looted the expensive chairs from their desks and conference rooms


6. ​reddit_spud has an obvious one.

People quitting.

7. ​CaptainUnusual puts it more specifically.

When the people who actually make good money start leaving.

8. ​inline-triple set the gold standard for a nice shallow assessment.

This one is horrible to admit, but I assure you it’s 100% true. I’ve worked in or visited thousands of corporate zaibatsu’s — everything from Walmart to Microsoft to Delta Airlines to Toyota Financial to Patron Tequila — if the place is filled with well dressed fairly attractive people, it’s a fairly good indicator that the talent is good and tries hard.. If the place is filled with fat ugly schlubs, it’s a fairly good indicator that most people there suck and are just cashing a paycheck and trying to leave 15 minutes early every day.


9. ​PM_ME_YOUR_EBONYTITS points to desperate and disparate agendas.

Impossible sales goals coupled with attempts to raise morale.

10. ​BeNiceBeZenBeClever says to take cues from the company's advertising.

When their marketing is focused on the competition's products.

At their peak, Apple runs ads saying "This is our product. And it is awesome." Full stop.

At the lower (or lowest) points, their ads are variations on "Microsoft sucks. We're better."

11. And finally, the most obvious one that was listed by every person on the internet. If this starts happening, grab your resume and run.

Late paychecks.