Why is 23 Such a Difficult Age? - 23 Reasons That Show You're Not Alone

Why is 23 Such a Difficult Age? - 23 Reasons That Show You're Not Alone

For so many of us, we look forward to our birthday every year. It’s a chance to celebrate with our friends, take a night off, and maybe even get some presents. So, why do some birthdays feel more special than others? Across the board, there is a mutually shared hatred for turning 23 years old. Something about being 23 is simply soul-crushing.


1. After you turn 23, you are officially old! You’ve probably graduated from college, and now are being forced to figure your life out in the real world. You can’t be going to college parties and sleeping past your alarm anymore. You’re 23!

2. You’re struggling to find a job and you’re not even sure what you want to do yet.

3. The days of staying on your parent’s insurance plan are creeping closer and closer to a halt.

4. After years of being in a structured classroom, the freedom of being 23 is scary. You begin to consider going to grad school.

5. You remember that you barely had enough money to get through four years of undergrad, and more student debt sounds like a bad idea. You decide against grad school.

6. You contemplate moving back in with your parents to “save money” but really you’re just too old to admit that you miss home.


7. You see old high school classmates getting married, having babies, and landing full-time jobs. You wonder what you’re doing wrong and why you feel so behind in life.

8. You kick yourself for rushing through college just to graduate and start working for the rest of your life. You wish you would have listened to those people who told you to take your time.

9. You no longer relate to the youth of today. You’ve become someone who doesn't understand the newest words and phrases.

10. High school kids think you’re old, but you desperately want to fit in with them.


11. The dating scene has you in an awkward middle ground. You’re not sure about casual flings, but don’t know if you can handle something serious yet.

12. You start to gain weight and realize that stress eating and midnight snacks are only acceptable for young metabolisms, and you’re not young anymore.

13. You consider a gym membership, then remember that you’re poor. Being a broke college student was trendy, not when you’re 23. Now you just feel like a loser.

14. Your coworkers get mad at you for feeling old. Apparently, a quarter-life crisis isn’t a good excuse for a personal day.


15. You keep dreaming about the future when you’re settled down and life is easy. Then, you remember back to high school when you thought you’d be married with a kid by now. Let’s all laugh together.

16. You’re still expected to enjoy a night out or drinks with the girls but your social life just isn’t what it used to be.

17. Drinking doesn't even sound fun anymore because you have real sh*t to worry about.

18. You’re always tired! Always. You get more sleep than you did in college, but it doesn't help.


19. Your body starts feeling old. You suddenly understand what a true hangover is. Your workouts literally kill you, and if you stay in bed longer than 7 hours, you’ll need to go to the chiropractor to get adjusted.

20. You don’t feel like you have a place to belong, and are in need of some serious soul searching. Not a girl, not yet a woman.

21. You’re highly disappointed because you thought 23 was going to be much cooler than it is. All the glamor was a lie.

22. The idea of buying a tiny house and parking it on some land is super appealing in today’s housing market. Since when was adulting so hard and expensive? Do all these other successful 23-year-olds know something you don’t?


23. And finally, no. No one else has life figured out at 23. It may look like they do on social media, but what does your social media look like? We all try to put off the vibe that we have everything figured out, but most 23-year-olds don’t, and that’s okay. "We are all in this together"…and if you’re too young to know that movie reference, my entire point has been proven.

* It was High School Musical