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Neighbors say man's fireworks hit their house, scared dogs, he says, 'so?' AITA?

Neighbors say man's fireworks hit their house, scared dogs, he says, 'so?' AITA?


The never ending 4th of July fireworks argument.

'AITA For doing fireworks'


So for July 4th I decided to do some fireworks. The ones that go up in the air and make boom noises and sparks and what not. Let me preface to say:

  1. I live in a state where fireworks are LEGAL on July 4th

  2. I checked on my city website and could not find anything stating that fireworks are not allowed

  3. I do not live in an HOA

So we started at about 9 pm at the front of my house. We did 12 rockets which took about 15 minutes then a final 20 shot firework display which took about a minute. The whole thing was about 15 - 20 minutes long.

Right when we finished 2 neighbor ladies (one of them I met once before) ran up to us and said that if we continue that they were gonna call the cops (we had literally just finished).

I started speaking to them and they said that one of our neighbors called them (someone who lives across the street from me who I know and am friendly with) and said that it's so loud and their dog is frightened.

They said that the sparks were hitting their house and that they have dogs also and they are hiding under the couch.

Now we had moved here a little more then a year ago and we don't like to make trouble. We never play loud music or make any crazy parties. We are a quiet family with 2 kids. She started saying that in the city I live in that these 'professional' fireworks are illegal which is BS.

I told her it's a once a year thing that we wanted to show the kids so they have some good memories. We don't even do fireworks on new years. Literally as she said that some other neighbors down the road set off some fireworks but not the ones that fly up in the air, just the ground ones.

I explained to her that I got the fireworks in our city and a cop was literally there the whole time while I was buying it. Meanwhile probably a few hundred feet away people are doing the flying in the air fireworks as well.

She said in 25 years she never heard it so loud. I did apologize for making the loud noises and scaring her dogs but insisted that I had done nothing wrong.

AITA for doing fireworks? I totally get being considerate with your neighbors and we are but is 15-20 minutes a year on a holiday that is known for this stuff being a bad neighbor?

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


YTA. I’m baffled why someone would think torturing dogs and veterans with PTSD to celebrate Independence Day was a good idea. There are a thousand ways to create “happy memories” with your kids that aren’t obnoxious to everyone around you.


Not just dogs and veterans. I know of a few families with kids who have autism that are terrified of fireworks. Silent fireworks are a thing, they don't have to make a big boom for it to be fun.


Your right to flail your fist around ends where someone else’ face begins. This is the harm principle.

YOU do not have the right to impose yourself on every living thing in a 5km radius by setting off a bunch of loud explosives. The likelihood that there are pets, people, or wildlife that would be disproportionately harmed by your actions within that range is very high.

Just because you are accustomed to the privilege inherent in society’s historical precedent of using fireworks without regard for others does not mean you are being oppressed when someone tells you to stop.

They are fighting for equality; they aren’t harming you and they don’t want to be harmed in turn. You are fighting for privilege; you want to do something anyway even though you know it harms others, just because “that’s how we’ve always done it.”


NTA- It was legal and not in excess. You cannot please everyone.


Shooting off fireworks in a residential neighborhood is always an a**hole move, legal or not. It's well known that people with PTSD and other anxiety issues and pets both suffer during fireworks. Not to mention the inherent fire risks. YTA.


I have ptsd and I hate fireworks that being said I expect them twice a year (British so bonfire night) and new years. I prepare myself for that because my inability to be around them should not overshadow other people's joy of them.

Do I hate them yes but you get a pass twice a year because it's a set day (2 days) however alot of people around me start them the week before and I find that unacceptable. Nta for having fun.

So do you think the OP owes his neighbors an apology or is that just what people have to deal with on the 4th of July?

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