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16 everyday parts of life that people don't realize are actually dangerous.

16 everyday parts of life that people don't realize are actually dangerous.


There are a lot of dangerous things out in the world. Cars, nettie pots, and pools without gates are just a few dangerous things out there. The best you can do is minimize risk and continue your life.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, people share the everyday things that we don't realize pose danger to our lives.

They write:

1. Elementus94 says:

Walking up or down stairs the most common accident at home is falling down the stairs.

2. IndividualPlate8255 says:

Metal folding chairs. I knew someone who lost fingers when one slammed shut on their hand.

3. Hekatevenstar says:

Putting your feet on the dashboard. It is extremely dangerous.

4. crankyweasels says:

Eating grapefruit while on medication. Grapefruit has many bad interactions with medication ranging from rendering the medication ineffective to toxicity.

5. darkpaladin says:

A few inches of moving water over a roadway.

6. megasean3000 says:

Not getting enough sleep.


8. TheLastMongo says:

Not having enough Sodium. There are always warnings about too much salt, but it can throw your body out of whack if you don't have enough. I learned this after passing out and ending up in the ER

9. IThinkMyLegsAreBroke says:

Brazlian butt lifts. One of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries.

10. Wffrff says:

Gasoline. People put it in their cars daily, so they don't realize how volatile it is.

Youtube is full of videos of people pouring gasoline on a campfire or pouring it in a garbage can and sticking a match to it, only to find themselves sitting on their asses a half second later, eyebrows singed off and flash burns on their faces and hands, if they're lucky. It's explosive. It's not like lighter fluid for your BBQ grill.

11. JTDrift says:

If you need someone's attention while using heavy equipment, let them finish before getting their attention in a nonemergency situation. I work as a meat cutter. I turn my back to the counter when cutting something on the band or saw. Many customers expect to get service immediately when they walk up to the counter.

So I'm cutting something, and they immediately make a loud noise to get my attention like picking up a metal signpost and banging it on the floor or slamming the counter. It surprises me, making me flinch depending on how loud it is. With my fingers inches from a saw that easily passes through the thickest of cow bones.

I don't care how important your dinner date steak is. If I lose my hand, I will do my most damn to punch you in the face with my bloody stump.

To answer any questions: I am not alone. I have at least one other coworker working the counter. No, the band saw is not next to the service counter. That would be a very bad idea. The amount of bone dust (yes, just like sawdust) produced would make it very difficult to keep the front area clean.

I work in a back area separated by a low wall and a large open bay window. That's where we do all the meat production. That's where we can contain all the bone dust, blood, rendered fat, and other things that come with meat cutting.

Also, that area is refrigerated. We have two massive cooling units on the ceiling with eight fans. It doesn't keep the production refrigerator cold. But it does keep it around 50F on average.

Because of these loud fans, I can't hear my coworkers when they're talking at normal levels to someone in the front. I can hear voices but can not distinguish what is being said. And that should give everyone an idea of how loud these a**holes are. I can hear it extremely loud over the fans, loud band saw, and bones being sawed.

12. YesHAHAHAYES99 says:

A lot of people end up with liver failure from overusing Tylenol. It's not harmless, don't treat it like Skittles.

13. EpicNagger says:

Electricity. You can’t see it until it’s too late. Harmless wires dangling around will put you into the ground. Even if it looks 'good,' it can be done wrong and start a fire. Source: I am an Electrician

14. Skwerilleee says:

Garage door springs.

15. timotheySKI says:

Bleach. Mix with ammonia? Basically mustard gas (you died). Mix with alcohol? Chloroform (you can pass out and have organ failure). Mix with vinegar? Chlorine gas (you died). Bonus: Mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Peracetic acid (your lungs bleed).

16.bubblegumx2inadish says:

Chiropractors- I was born with quite severe scoliosis. It was cheaper to go to a Chiropractor than an actual doctor growing up. This has resulted in significant damage to my back. When I finally got in to see a spinal specialist, he mentioned that upwards of 45% of his long-term patients were there because of Chiropractors.

He told me after reviewing years of my x-rays that the adjustments I was receiving made my spine worse than if I were to have not done anything. It is also pretty common for Chiropractors to break bones.

A few people went to my doctor that a Chiropractor paralyzed. When I was sixteen, a Chiropractor did an adjustment that caused one of the discs in my spine to rupture. I also had my hip dislocated at one point. Chiropractors are not real doctors and can cause a lot of harm.

Sources: Reddit
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