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15 adults share the 'basic' life skills they never learned.

15 adults share the 'basic' life skills they never learned.


If you think you're the only one who can't hook your bra behind your back, or who panics anytime you have to follow directions, don't worry, you're not. Someone named Jenée recently shared on Twitter that her landlord doesn't know how to work a combination lock, and her partner doesn't know how to blow up balloons. It made her think about how most people get through life without mastering certain 'basic' life skills.

She revealed that her landlord didn't go to school in the U.S., and therefore maybe never had to learn how to work a combination lock since he probably didn't have a locker. Still doesn't explain Joel's issue with balloons.

Her tweet sparked a discussion about 'basic life skills' that people made it to adulthood without ever mastering.

If you lack any of these life skills, and I lack most of them, you can rest easy knowing you're not the only one.

1) Behind-the-back bra hooking.

2.) Tying shoes.

3.) The 2-finger whistle.

4.) Reading an analog clock.

5.) Navigation.

6.) Arrival vs. departures at the airport.

7.) Estimating distances.

8.) Tying a tie.

9.) Ironing.

10.) Parallel parking.

11.) Folding fitted sheets.

12.) Understanding the 'deductible.'

13.) Floating.

14.) Knowing right from left.

15.) Snapping.

Like I said, adulthood is hard. But at least it's hard for all of us, together. What life skills do you lack?

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