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16 people share what inspired the moment they asked 'what am I doing with my life?'

16 people share what inspired the moment they asked 'what am I doing with my life?'


One day you're just a person doing your job and your daily routine, and the next minute you're staring off into the abyss wondering how we're just all floating on a little rock in space...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's one moment you found yourself asking yourself 'What the hell am I doing with my life?'' people were ready to share their funniest, weirdest or most profound existential moment.


I was working nights, going to college days, and socializing and sleeping at... ummm....huh. Got so exhausted I was hallucinating while driving. Finally snapped when I realized I had to go to work again and hadn't slept since the last time I had to go to work and was breaking down physically and mentally.

F*ck this, went to bed and slept 2 days. And since 2 no-call no-shows was a fireable offense, I was now blissfully unemployed. - Amish_Cyberbully


When I woke up one day and realized my life is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago. - brokeneclipses


I cried in an airport because my flight home got cancelled. Had a traveling job where I was gone at least 1 week a month and it was making me depressed and anxious. A nice lady gave me a hug and thought a family member died or something. Then she told me to quit my job. - serafel


I was working as a receptionist in my early 20s (after dropping out of high school) and I went to the mall with my mom one day after work. I found these great hot pink sneakers on sale at Hot Topic for $17...

And I did some mental math and realized that I could not afford them. That led me to wonder what I would do if one of my pets had an emergency and I needed to pay a big vet bill. I broke down and started crying right there in Hot Topic.

Within a week I had enrolled at a community college that had a unique program focusing on my interest 5 hours away, with the help of some student loans. I sold what I could sell, packed the rest, and less than 6 weeks later I was a college student living in the dorms.

I made straight As, transferred to one of the top universities in my field, and finished with a degree I had always wanted but never believed I could do. I got those hot pink sneakers for Christmas. - Goddamtoad


When the shopkeeper I used to buy cigarettes from told me to smoke less. - SuvenPan


I got rich, now I sit here at 30, rich enough not to have to work, and have no fun really! Don't know how to get out in the world. People say go to hobbies, I've tried, all that's there are much older people... - Creative_Dog_


When for the 4th Sunday in a row I found myself getting up at 4 AM to log into World of Warcraft so that I could gather rare but in-demand Black Lotus to use in potions for raiding. Barely able to keep my eyes open I sat back and asked 'Why am I doing this to myself?' and quit playing that day. - ptwonline


I was 25 years old. I woke up and I did not feel like going into work, so, I called my boss and in the weakest voice I could muster I let him know that I was not feeling well and I would not make it into work today. I hung up the phone and did the iconic 'fist in air' as a victory that my boss bought into my story.

At that point I realized that I was broke, all my friends were at work and I now had nothing to do that day besides sit in my room and do nothing. From that point on I have made it into work almost every day unless I could not stay out of the restroom. Also, I have advanced many times in my job and I've been able to help other people take control of their lives. - Chazzos


When I turned 25 and realized I was still living with my parents - Leagueraps


When I was inside a Wendy's dumpster getting the cups to get free airfare. 4 roundtrip tickets and a single one way. It was worth it but the smell of a classic triple still gives me flashbacks. - M0n5tr0


I was crying over my job. I quit the next day. I now actually wake up excited for work and don't spend the night before paralyzed with dread - Lost-Perspective-606


I was drinking a lot in college. Like every day and early. One morning, I got in an argument with my brother/roommate because he'd drank my Cherry Coke out of the fridge. 'I was gonna put RUM in that before I went to class!'

I heard myself say. And then it dawned on me that the class was at 10AM and I was looking to drink at it. I have a much healthier relationship with alcohol now. - livers


I had worked 15 years in baking, I am fully qualified, I've had 6 apprentices become bakers under me. I was in charge of the biggest production in bakery's in my city.

I then quit and move to a small town (5000 people) got a job in the small bakery, where I was micromanage, underpaid and my ideas were all shot down(if I just made an idea and gave it to the front girls and it sold well I'd get told how crap my idea was but they still made it because it sold)

After 3 years of it getting worse without realising, the alcoholic boss yelled at me for singing to myself. I applied for jobs I've never done before, I got one and learnt how to drive a forklift and then a month later the better paying/hours one said I got the job and went to that one.

I didn't realize I wasn't a piece of shit until I worked for other people, I had been beaten down so much, it's so nice to work with people who appreciate my work - Antmon666


When my boyfriend at the time was in the kitchen arguing with the woman whom he was currently cheating on me with... I was literally in between them as they were about to physically attack one another. - Any_Bus9336


I was sh*tfaced in a strip club by myself on a work night. - Burrito_Loyalist


Ordered 2 large pizzas and ate through both while sitting in bed. Literally no dopamine hit from any bite. Decided that food no longer gave me pleasure and from there I lost 115lbs. I also wanna paint a picture of how pathetic this was. I brought both pizzas to bed. Not slices, no plates. I ate them straight outta the box. And no bite tasted good. It was just an empty feeling of sadness. And I stained my sheets. -Autumnlove92

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