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17 people share the standard advice that was great 20 years ago but horrible now.

17 people share the standard advice that was great 20 years ago but horrible now.


'You better learn cursive,' 'always mail a thank you letter after an interview,' or 'just stop by and give them your resume?' Sometimes standard advice doesn't keep up with the times...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was great advice 20 years ago, but definitely isn’t now?' people were ready to share the advice that almost certainly hasn't aged very well. Who knew that the same people who were told not to talk to strangers would end up regularly using an app where you get in a stranger's car and paying them to drive you somewhere? Oops...


Buy that house!! Sure it seems weird that you qualified for such a high home loan but I'm sure they wouldn't offer it to you if you couldn't afford it. - JD_85


'Spending whole day on the internet would never make you successful in life' - livelifereal


“Everyone needs a college degree.” Trade school is absolutely the way to go for some people, myself included. And I did both. - Av8rDave1994


You won’t always have a calculator in your pocket! - parishilton2


'Go to college or you'll end up broke.' - DenseTree420


My dad told me once, 'Son you shouldn't schedule a single vacation day the first year of your job. It shows you're committed.' - DayDreamer9119


In high school as part of one of my classes they brought in a lady who worked HR for some recruiting firm for a few days to teach us how to do resumes and cover letters and such and she told us even if a place has an option to apply online always go in person and pick up an application no one takes online applications seriously. - profJesusfish


“You can rest when you are dead”, in my opinion the “grind” culture is harmful and leads to a lot of physical and mental Illness. Stress induced illnesses have never been as bad as it is right now. Burnouts have never been as high as they are now. Mental health is plummeting.

I understand that in some countries you have no choice but to grind to survive, but in developed countries I do not think society should encourage that mentality. Stress is a disease and this society is sick. - NotUrKhaleesi


'Walk in, ask for the manager and give a firm handshake. That's how you get the job!' These days, you can walk in, ask for the manager and he'll direct you to apply online. Then you won't get any response, or you'll get one 6 months later when HR turns over and the new guy gets around to denying everyone who applied. - moofthedog


Stay away from the guy walking down the street having a full conversation with nobody.Now it's just Airpods. - hymie0


Stay at the same company for long periods - they show no loyalty or keep up in pay rises. If you want pay increase and promotion best to swap company every 1-3 years - DarkDarkness


Don't forget to print out your directions from MapQuest before you leave - stugautz


20 years ago: Don't meet up with people you met on the internet and don't get in cars with strangers.

Today: Get into the car with a stranger that you've summoned to your house using the internet. - DarkShadow04


You're searching for a soulmate on the internet? Lord you must be insane. - yanks8190


To look after your phone battery you should let it go all the way down to 0% and then charge fully to 100%. - PangolinMandolin


'High school is some of the best years of your life.' Yeah, I might have believed that bullsh*t back then, but having lived an actual life between then and now, high school was nowhere near my best years! - Lord_Jair


I remember when my dad told me as a teenager to never be the one to pursue a guy (because I'm a woman). Maybe that was to keep me safe in my youth, but I've since come to realize that most of the dudes who are worth being with are either shy or oblivious, and I have no choice but to make the first move. - coke8827

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