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18 'great' things people need to stop trying to convince others to support.

18 'great' things people need to stop trying to convince others to support.


Trends come and go and low-rise jeans ebb and flow, but there are some classic words of wisdom or generally overrated things that are annoyingly relentless...

Go away, 5 day 40-hour work week. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are you sick of people trying to convince you is great?' people were ready to vent about the things they think are criminally over-hyped. What's the point of gambling on the 'stock market' if you don't even get free drinks like in a casino? Do you really need to save for 'retirement' if nobody can retire anymore? Is avocado toast really worth $18 dollars? Yes it is.


Natural remedies. Those are what people used when they didn't have anything else and didn't know any better. Pharmaceutical chemicals for the win! - No_Antelope_6604


Taylor Swift. I just can't seem to get into her, and her cult-like fanbase trying to drill in that she is god is something else - walmartvicfuentes


The keto diet. God, I'm so sick of hearing about it. No, I do NOT want to put my body into starvation mode lite, and I'm sick of them demonizing all carbs. Like, I've seen some of these people do it, and they always are miserable, lethargic, and tired. - Equivalent_Fee4670

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