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Man leaves bride at the altar, later explains he found out ex is pregnant. + Update

Man leaves bride at the altar, later explains he found out ex is pregnant. + Update


"My Fiance left me at the altar"


Yesterday was suppose to be one of the most happiest days of my life and it turned out to be the worst. My fiancé never showed up to the ceremony leaving me at the altar. His friends and family tried to get a hold of him but all calls went straight to voice-mail.

After waiting an hour for him I told my guests that there wasn't going to be a wedding. I opened the reception hall and told them to enjoy the food and open bar, even if there was no ceremony, I still wanted them to have a good time and enjoy the food and drinks.

I tried to call him a couple of times but after 3 more failed calls I just stopped and told everyone else who were trying to get a hold of him to stop. He made it clear he didn't want anyone to get a hold of him and I wasn't going to have them waste their time.

I didn't cry, I wasn't going to cry. At least not in front of everyone. His mother came to me and apologized through tears, she told me how disappointed she was in him and that she was so sorry. I just shook my head and stuck with her the entire time.

I didn't want her to cry and feel bad for something that wasn't her fault. The real MVPs were all my friends. They did their absolute best to keep things from being awkward and entertained everyone.

They played music, danced and one of them went as far as going back home to bring a projector and a game system for all the kids and teens to play against each other with.

I was glad that the day was somewhat saved but I still felt horrible. My would-be BIL Ethan kept me from getting shit faced when I really wanted to, told me that it would be awkward if I did so I did my best to keep everyone happy.

After 11 I told everyone who bought gifts to take them back and get their money back, a few of them refused and had me keep the gifts they got. So now I'm back at the hotel we got and I'm alone.

This morning I got a couple of missed calls from my fiancé and several messages that I haven't opened yet. I'm so angry at him, he humiliated me yesterday by not showing up when he could've told me he was getting cold feet.

I had my friend message him that I want to be left alone and that if he showed up to the hotel room I was going to call my brothers to have him removed. So far he hasn't shown up but I am getting phone calls from his friends probably all wanting me to speak to him.

I don't know if it's me being shallow or not but now I'm rethinking our entire relationship and whether or not I see a future with him. So another issue is that I have an extra plane ticket.

It was supposed to be for our honeymoon but since the fiancé isn't here I decided to enjoy my little getaway vacation for myself. A couple of friends are coming with me but not for another week since they gotta get childcare, put vacation time etc so they can't come since it last second.

To be honest I want to invite Ethan because I've never traveled anywhere in my life. I know he's been to where I'm going and I want him to come so he can be there to show us the places to be at. Ethan told me he'd go for me but should I invite him? I asked Ethan's mom and she was all for it but I still don't know if it'll cause drama. Any advice?

Update several hours later on the same post:


Okay so I feel like I should explain more about Ethan. First I'm not going to take him. Second, I've known Ethan a little longer than my ex-fiancé. Please believe me when I say he's a close friend of mine, both of us bonded by teasing his brother and with that we just kinda clicked and became fast friends.

I wanted to take him because I didn't know how to use my ticket in the airport. I've never been traveling and I didn't want to look dumb by trying to figure it out. Thankfully, someone said what to do and I'm forever grateful so now I feel much more confident.

I know it sounded iffy trying to take Ethan but honestly it was for something innocent. I see him more of a brother then anything now that I look at all the comments you guys left.

And finally I read my ex-fiance's messages. Yes, he's alive, he wasn't in any terrible accident and the reason he never showed up was because he found out he has a kid. His childhood sweet heart came by with a kid maybe a couple of weeks ago.

His best man knew and never told me because my ex didn't want him to tell me until he was 100% percent sure and I guess he found out today. He apologized so many times for not showing up but he couldn't because he felt so guilty of what? I don't know.

He said a large part of him wants to make things right and take care of his son because he's always wanted a family. So screw the last 3 years right? I don't know if that means he's going to go back to his ex because he wants to talk over the phone.

Honestly, I'm done. I think it's an excuse to get back with his ex, I don't believe he's ever gotten over her and her over him which is why she chose now to show herself. He sent a picture of the kid to me and I went over ex-fiance's mom's fb to see any pictures she posted of ex-fiance when he was a kid.

They're low quality but there is definitely a resemblance. It feels so surreal to me, like this one big joke. I feel like I'm missing more info, like there's something else going on but I'll find out later. I haven't responded so instead I'm just going to open a bottle of wine and just get plastered.

My best friend is currently on her way with takeout and ice cream so I thought I'd share this. Maybe after my much needed vacation I'll do another update but right now I'm just gonna do me. Until then, f you Ben.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


"now I'm rethinking our entire relationship and whether or not I see a future with him"

He literally left you standing at the altar. You absolutely should not have a future with someone who does that


Trade the 2 tickets for 1 first class ticket and be as drunk and sad as you want on your honeymoon. Or cancel the trip altogether and be sad and drunk at home. Where he hopefully isn't.


I would invite your mom or a sibling of yours. Someone you can vent to. Even a grandparent.

The OP responded here:


They were the first people I asked, my mom will definitely not get on a plane and both my brothers can't take a week off for me. It's why I asked Gabby (brother's wife) to come, she's a sahm and I'm sure she needs a vacation too.


I know OP's heart is broken right now, but she dodged a bullet.


And I want an update on how the trip went!


He definitely wants to get back with the ex, people marry people who have kids all the time. Also, me and my husband went to the JOP to get married. When you have a wedding aren't you already "married" or do you need the preacher or officiant to sign off to make it official?


"Until then, f you Ben" should both be a flair and a life mantra.

So, if you could give the OP any advice here, what would you say?

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